U.S. Army prepares to invade U.S.

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This is a very good wrap up of events that have already taken place in our country.  ~ Lo


The plans to implement martial law in America have been taking shape for decades, hidden behind “Continuity of Government” contingency planning. Now, with public outcry over the banker bailout bill at fever pitch, all of the pieces are in place for the U.S. Army to start policing American citizens.

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  7. The Fa(scism)cilitation in the Economy

    We need to understand something and have it clear, this financial crisis is being politically created by the conservative right wing elite; who controls the banks, Wall Street, the insurance and the credit industries, wanting to black mail republican as well as democrat senators that are opposing to bail out a corrupted financial system. This kind of black mailing politics, against the interest of the population are designed to force laws and measures that are not revised thoroughly, are not democratic and are focused to keep deteriorating the wealth of the average population that we can be completely controlled and “without options”…
    What we are witnessing is the rise of National Socialism in America and everything had been planed and is going very well and on schedule, with the presidential elections, while all short of analysts are trying to interpret what is going on for “real”.
    In my opinion there is not too much to analyze when thing are as clear as they are; corporations are governing the nation through a civil-military junta, and their goal is to do exactly what the Nazis did in Germany; isn’t it obvious!!!!? For good sakes, where is our memory? Are we totally duped or brain washed that we can’t see it? Or it is just to overwhelming to face it?
    I’m going to tell what is going to happen next: There are only three viable options after the charade being played in Wall Street yesterday. One is: McCain rises as the unifier bringing the republican opponents to the baling-out to vote YES after uttering passionate “patriotic” rhetoric about the dangers of playing politics while the country is evaporating before our eyes; those senators will “follow him” as the sweet and meek sheep follow their Sheppard. With this McCain will assures being elected, by the gullible Americans, president 44 and “savior” of the Nation’s finances; entitle by that as happens with bushes-911, to go and invest his “political capital” all around the world and into the USA to create hell on earth together in companion of his “holy” VP Sarah “Barracuda-pit bull” Palin
    Another, and more possible: The bush junta through Israel attacks Iran, and of course all hell brakes lose in the world while George and Dick declare the continuity of their regime the facto by canceling the 2008 presidential elections due to national emergency; imposing martial law to “save us from anarchy” internally; some sort of what the republican preemptive-attack government of Tim Paulenti did in Minnesota, Saint Paul to protect the RNC, and to extend the current international strategy and political platform to get busy in the world trying to “save”, Georgia’s oil pipe line from “Russian control”, also Venezuela’s oil, Mexico’s whole country from narco-politics and to topple “rogue” democratic regimens in Bolivia, Ecuador, Nicaragua, etc
    This is the real nature of the reality in which we are living right now. We are in the continuation of the 2000 elections, when to much was on the stake, for the Republicaneocon wing, to afford to lose and this time, also, they will do anything to secure the power to be kept in their hands or else. Are the American people and the world ready to fight the American National Socialist (Nazis on steroids)? The next eight years, if there is a social world left by then, will tell after the coming global quagmire…..but for now forget about “our” “American dream”; it had been already mutated big time and had become a pure and bizarre reality; get ready to save your life and your country because this not any of McCain’s or Bushes priorities because it is the third possibility to solve our current degenerative government situation; yes you got it: A NEW AMERICAN REVOLUTION!!!

  8. Good information. I agree with the concerns raised about what seem to be the converging shackles of a rising Police State in America. However, I think there’s a side to this issue that involves self-criticism that is being ignored. Specific example:


    In this video from Submedia, called Ground Noise and Static, there is an idealization of tactics such as the erection of road blocks and the use of force against barricades. It horrifies me and I think it should horrify anyone who cares about free speech.

    For one thing, there’s the obvious point: I don’t see any value to it at all when activists give the authorities excuses to unleash violent action upon protestors. But look at the wider implications too. Any activist who engages in the use of force imacts not only their own exercise of the right to assembly and free speech, but also the rights of other protestors. I’m willing to bet that 90% of the time, the protestors who get hassled, beat up and arrested are the most innocent ones. That may not be true, but if my experience of human nature is correct, most of the folks who are most responsible for using force are undoubtedly long gone when countering force shows up.

    I think there are, undoubtedly well meaning, folks in the protest movement who need to devote more study to Gandhi and Martin Luther King. The liberation movements led by Gandhi and King would never have succeeded, it seems to me, if they weren’t founded in a deep, sustained and disciplined commitment to nonviolence, a commitment sustained not only by those individuals, but also by the communities they led. Granted, even the most peaceful movement cannot prevent individual follies and agents provocateurs from introducing violence into a situation. But isn’t it obvious that a demonstration which incorporates the use of force as a tactic creates an open sesame for such follies and for such provocateurs?

    That brings me to the Saint Paul Principles, also discussed in Ground Noise and Static. Protestors who agreed to these principles agreed not to publicly criticize the tactics of other demonstrators. In my opinion, such ‘principles’ are folly. Agreeing to such principles really means agreeing to allow the most force-oriented participants in protest to set the groundrules for everybody else.

    Is a demonstration fundamentally a show of force, or an act of persuasion? That may be the fundamental issue of principle. I say persuasion.

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