More than 300 workers arrested in immigration raid on South Carolina plant

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By Hiram Lee
10 October 2008

Federal agents stormed the Columbia Farms poultry plant in Greenville, South Carolina on Tuesday, arresting at least 330 immigrant workers. Roughly 450 agents were involved in the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) raid that began during a 9 a.m. shift change. As authorities burst into the plant, terrified workers ran for the doors but found them blocked by agents. Herbert Oscar Rooker, a janitor at the plant, told reporters he “had to duck back into the bathroom to keep from getting trampled.”


This violent expression of the US government’s official policy of anti-immigrant chauvinism, supported by both corporate-controlled political parties and the trade union bureaucracies, serves to keep the country’s large immigrant workforce in fear, rendering them all the more easily exploited. It also further demonizes immigrant workers, blaming their “illegal” theft of US jobs for many of the hardships faced by workers born in the US, obscuring in the process the real cause of social misery in the country—the capitalist system.


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  1. There is little doubt that this is happening because it is an election year with a deep financial crisis. It tends to obscure the real issue of corporate fascist power.

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