Who are the REAL eco-terrorists? By Sunil Potnis

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Sent to me by Jason Miller from Thomas Paine’s Corner. Thanks, Jason.

Many graphic photos at the original source.

By Sunil Potnis

Author’s Note: This article is intended for pointing out the atrocities of those involved. It does not mean I disrespect good people who have rich tradition and cultural values that promote equality and respect for every form of life.

I am convinced that we humans are worse terrorists to the animal world than those humans who are terrorizing other humans. For many years suicide bombings, other forms of asymmetrical warfare, and state terrorism (euphemized as ‘conventional warfare’) have been ripping our hearts out and slaughtering millions upon millions of people, but over that same period humans have murdered billions upon billions of non-human animals. Yet few think of the terrorism and havoc we have unleashed on the animal world. We weep and go to war when the World Trade Center is bombed, but what should members of the animal world do when their entire species is getting wiped out? What should dogs and cats do when their family members are skinned alive? Where will seals go when every year in Canada over 200,000 of them are killed (and half of them are two week old pups)? Fortunately there are some kind-hearted humans who have dedicated their lives to fighting against the real eco-terrorism meted out by animal exploiters and murderers.

I have been writing my heart and guts out for the last few years that China is one the biggest culprits for its cold blooded murdering of animals. The more the money flows into China, the more they abuse animals. We should make a serious attempt to stop buying anything that is “Made in China”. I don’t use anything that is made in that country. I just cannot accept that kind of disrespect for life. I have not (and never will) traveled to China and most Asian countries (i.e. Korea, Japan, and Thailand). I have never flown by an Asian airline like Singapore or Korean. Canada is another egregious animal murderer. I have relatives there yet I refuse to visit and boycott Canadian products because of that nation’s barbaric seal clubbing.

I am sure many of us would be appalled and repulsed if we saw these cold blooded murders happening in front of our eyes. We may have heard and seen this brutality against animals on television or the Internet, but many simply choose to look away. Why? Often due to apathy and indifference about the plight of the animals. Our attitude numbs our senses and lets us ignore all this savagery. Where is our compassion?

Remember that predatory exploiters don’t discriminate and when all the animal are eradicated, these eco-terrorists will be after us humans! But it will be too late then. So if you don’t want to get stomped, skinned, clubbed, electrocuted, or boiled alive, speak up and act on behalf of our animal brethren.

Take a look at the shocking photos and videos at these sites:

1) http://www.tomregan-animalrights.com/gallery.html

2) http://www.harpseals.org/ (Seal Hunting in Canada)

3) http://www.furkills.org/

4) http://animalsaviors.org/

5) http://www.all-creatures.org/artphoto.html


1. China’s dogs amd cats are boiled, stabbed, drowned, bludgeoned, strangled, poisoned, hanged, and electrocuted…experiencing unbearable pain as their legs are routinely broken while trussed up and hung in local markets for human consumption, or skinned alive and cast off like garbage– for the despicable fur trade.

2. Dogs [both owned and stray] are relentlessly hunted down by ‘police authorized’ roving mobs and savagely beaten to death by the hundreds of thousands–in the name of ‘rabies’ control.

3. Bears, suffer a lifetime of excruciating pain as they are surgically mutilated and milked each day for their gall bile. Their paws taken as delicacies for the Chinese restaurant trade or ground into powdered ‘medicines’. The use of bear parts supplying the traditional Chinese medicine trade and exotic meat market is the major reason why bear species are declining around the world. Endangered species of bears are rapidly becoming extinct.

4. Rhino, both Black and White, are butchered for their horns and are now highly endangered.

5. Over 70-100 million sharks PER YEAR are ‘finned’ and their carcasses dumped into the sea– to accommodate China’s growing taste for shark fin soup.

6. 20 million turtles are devoured in China EACH YEAR. Slaughtered alive and fully conscious, their heads are decapitated and crushed. Even after a turtle’s head is detached from its body, if not crushed sufficiently to destroy the brain, it can survive up to ONE HOUR in agonizing torment. Two thirds of the world’s turtles are now threatened with extinction.

7. TONS of elephant tusks are carved into ivory trinkets–their feet are hacked off for stools and coffee table legs.

8. Animals are used as ‘dried’ ingredients in traditional Chinese medicines and killed by the billion–tiger parts, crocodile bile, deer musk, sea horses, lizards, sea cucumbers, powdered antlers, dog penis, pangolin (scaly anteaters), only to name a few on a seemingly unending list. ALL are considered no more than ‘products’ to be abused and murdered in the most monstrous ways possible, even if it means permanently wiping many of these species from the face of the planet in order to fulfill often frivolous, antiquated and selfish needs.

9. China plays a role in the largest mass butchery of marine mammals on Earth, the annual Canadian seal slaughter [which has taken over 1.25 million innocent lives in the last 3 years, alone]. This abomination happens in part so that dried seal penises can be turned into aphrodisiacs to “theoretically” increase the libidos of elderly men engaging in sex with Asian girls as young as 7 years old.

10. Live domestic pets, as well as cows and chickens, are fed to lions and tigers for the “entertainment” of visitors at Chinese zoos. Zoo officials encourage guests to buy domestic animals on the premises and feed them to the carnivores through special vending flaps fitted onto tourist buses, allowing individuals to throw chickens and other FULLY Conscious animals to the waiting predators.


A. A Chinese chef describes how to cook pangolin [endangered scaly anteater]: “We keep them alive in cages until the customer makes an order. Then we hammer them unconscious, cut their throats and drain the blood. It is a slow death. We then boil them to remove the scales…cut the meat into small pieces and use it to make braised meat and soup. Usually the customers take the blood home with them afterwards.” [The blood is thought to have medicinal value.]

B. Live monkey brains are considered a delicacy: A “gourmet” can buy monkeys in the marketplace and send them to inns for cooking. The cooks first stuff the monkeys into tiny cages and force them to drink rice wine until they’re intoxicated. They are then pulled from the cage and bound by their limbs (preventing movement.) Their skulls are hacked open with a sharp knife to reveal easily visible, pulsing blood vessels. The white brains are then scooped out and served as soon as possible; eaten when still warm with seasonings. Monkey brains become pungent if they are not fresh…if the skull was opened too long ago. Thus it is best to open the skull and eat at once, while brain cells are LIVING and blood vessels throbbing.

C. It is not unusual in many areas of China, to see live deer in pens or crocodiles in tanks at restaurants. Buying and eating rare animals is a common way of SHOWING OFF. In southern China, rare meat is known as ye Wei (wild taste), and people believe eating exotic animals can endow them with bravery, long life or sexual prowess. The Cantonese brag that they will eat ANYTHING that moves!

D. China’s insatiable frenzy for non-human body parts is expanding, consuming and decimating everything in its wake. This ancient society of 1.3 billion people, many of whom appear to have no compassionate connection toward sentient beings, whatsoever, MUST BE STOPPED! WITHHOLDING MONEY IS THE SINGLE MOST EFFECTIVE WAY WE CAN FORCE POSITIVE SOCIAL CHANGE! Individuals engaged in animal abuse will NOT be immediately swayed by moral pressure, or legislation. Swift, significant change can come through economic losses to those who victimize! ALL of China’s exports must be targeted for boycott!


A) Get your community involved–ask friends, relatives, co-workers and groups to take the BOYCOTT CHINA PLEDGE and sign the petition linked HERE!

Tell STORE OWNERS AND MANAGERS of small businesses that stock Chinese products that you will no longer patronize their stores UNTIL they carry NON-CHINESE alternatives! They WILL listen–they need your money to survive! Remember change comes from the BOTTOM UP, not the top down! Target the small retailers FIRST, and soon Wal-Mart and others will take notice and follow!

B) Compile receipts from NON-CHINESE items purchased and send copies to your country’s Chinese Ambassador with a “Revenue Lost” boycott letter. The goal is to have millions of these receipts/boycott letters pouring in, EVERY SINGLE DAY, to all 165 Chinese embassies worldwide! An excellent ongoing project for school, community, civic and church groups!

C) MAKE COPIES of this petition page and hand them out as flyers everywhere you go!

D) Spread the word by posting this petition on websites, blogs and AR mailing lists!





Do it for the protection of our endangered wildlife and for the millions of domestic and companion animals being tortured and killed as you read these words.

On behalf of the billions of voiceless souls desperately in need of your help to save them, thank you!

Perpetual Growth Is Impossible – The Coming End of Usury as the Dominant Social Paradigm

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Sent to me by Richard C. Cook

By Tom White

It is our western rulers who are about to initiate a world war just to whitewash the collapse of the western capitalistic dream

—Gilad Atzmon, in “A Sign of ‘The Times’”

I am teetering on the edge of quitting my compulsive reading of Internet copy on the “financial crisis” and the other malfeasances, not to say crimes, of G.W. Bush & Co. and his international banksters and their associated fraudsters who have successfully highjacked and now plundered our nation.

It remains to be seen if they complete the sweep by starting WWIII, as Atzmon suggests.

My incessant reading is, I fear, an “act of understanding,” which Meister Eckhart said 600 years ago is of greatly less moral worth than “an act of will.” I suppose an act of will is to do something about the present awfulness of things, but what? To dig (or protest in the streets) I am too old, to beg I am too weak and lazy.

So I am stuck with scribbling as a sole outlet for my inward conviction of the real evil of the bastards ruling things here and most other places. And even time for that is running out. I am 85 and go into hospital for a minor op later this week. I think to set down a few thoughts ahead of that.

I believe the entire world, following, in envy, the leadership of the richest nations (the usual suspects, with the U.S. on top of the list), has taken aboard what I call the Usury Paradigm as a model for mass human action. It has prevailed increasingly for the last 500 years. The so-called “Christian” nations of the West have led the way, exploiting the world via usurious finance capitalism (colonialism). It is universally in force on the globe today. (Think China and India. Think exponential growth in population. The earth is already defending herself against this. See James Lovelock’s book, The Revenge of Gaia.)

The formula for compound interest is the formula for perpetual growth. Perpetual growth is impossible; compound interest is the formula for the impossible—for utter ruin. Nature stops all growth. There are no 14-foot tall human beings, no 500-lb. mosquitoes, no 900-foot tall Sequoias.

But there is enormous, ever-growing, unpayable, impossible debt which is enslaving masses of men. It is the primary feature of our evil system of banker-issued money (money as debt), and it must go.

As must the charging of any interest. No need to coerce people into lending at no interest, just refuse them the resort to law to collect their usury. Have governments henceforth issue all money interest-free. The American Monetary Institute (http://www.monetary.org/index.html) has complete plans for a relatively smooth transition to this in the U.S. Ignored, of course, by the major media, but sound as can be.

The commodity money folks are crazy. Aristotle said long ago that “money is of law” and need have no intrinsic value. The gold bugs want a return to gold, which has already failed (about 500 years ago), and they campaign relentlessly against any government; they want the Magic Market to rule. The fundamentalist religion of “Market” is the worship of Mammon. We have just witnessed where that goes. Only “government of the people” can stand against greedy oligarchs. At least reasonably uncorrupt government, that is.

Charlie Reese, a “people’s pundit,” in one of his very last essays before he recently retired wrote that 545 people (the Executive, the Congress, the Supreme Court) rule the U.S. and can start or stop any social or mass activity they want to start or stop—wars, debts, bank rackets, etc. But they don’t.

Charlie doesn’t concern himself with why they don’t. His is the classic statement of what could be. I’ll go to what is: because all 545—well, most of them—participate in the oldest of all professions: they do it for money, they betray the people to line their own nests and, God knows, many of them do it almost without knowing what they do, and some even think they are real grand because of what they do.

It is the oldest story of all: the crudest tribal formula. “All for us, none for you, you slobs.” The Lord Christ came against this. As of now his enemies, the Mammonites, are winning. But they win by means that must produce in the end their own destruction. God is not mocked.


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Renewed Interest: Analyst Ties Monetary Reform To Social Credit Movement (2007; Richard C. Cook)

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The Debate That Made No Difference By Timothy V. Gatto

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By Timothy V. Gatto
10/08/08 “ICH”

If what happened last night is any indication of what is in the future for America, we may as well brace for it. There was no mention of civil liberties being returned to Americans, no lessening of the military budget that brought us into this debt, along with the declining housing market.

Tonight’s debate between the two corporate candidates’ was predictable and superficial. If I were to judge by the debates only, I would have a hard time differentiating between the two. Both Senator’s were very close to one another on most issues save healthcare which in all reality is just a “straw-man” issue that probably won’t be enacted in the next term of either candidate, but it makes good fodder for political discourse.

No, the debate was a typical boring Q&A session of ubiquitous questions. The questions came from attendees and from the internet, but I believe only the most answerable questions were selected. What were very noticeable were a lack of questions about the bailout and a complete lack of questions about the massive 615 billion dollar defense authorization passed on the same day of the bailout. Apparently the nation as a whole doesn’t mind spending 54% of the world’s total military expenditures’ even though our economy is tanking like The Titanic.

There were no questions about the Bill of Rights that has been shredded and sent to the waste bin of history. There was some talk about the founding fathers, but there was certainly nothing said that reflected on the governments’ embracement of their wisdom. One question that had me squirming in my seat was the question of whether we would protect and defend Israel against an attack from Iran. Both candidates were quick to promise their undying devotion to that country and both would do “whatever it takes” to assure there wasn’t a second holocaust. This, even though Israel is know to have over 200 nuclear warheads in it’s arsenal and the delivery systems to use them. Why is it that both corporate parties pander to the Jewish-right lobby AIPAC when 80% of American Jews detest their policies? What’s the story here, campaign donations?

Another bone of contention I have with the corporate duopoly is the way they portray Russia. This is a nation that has pretty well minded its business for a long time now. The American people are quite aware of what happened in Georgian and South Ossetia and Abkhazian. Here is an excerpt from “Break the Matrix”:

“On that night Georgian peacekeepers turned on their Russian comrades killing 10 and wounding dozens as Georgian president Saakashvili’s army invaded South Ossetia. According to the international news network Russia Today, the Georgian army began perpetrating a campaign of ethnic cleansing by assassinating clergy, shooting women and children in the streets and throwing grenades into random houses. These reports came complete with televised pictures of the carnage. As the Russians reacted to the aggression of the Georgians by coming to the aid of the defenseless South Ossetia’s, President Bush and his media cronies stirred up old Cold War sentiments in the U.S. by blasting the Russians for disproportionate use of force and imperialistic actions toward Georgia. In particular, Bush criticized Russian bombing of strategic locations inside Georgia even though this was precisely the same strategy his father pursued against Iraq to extract its army from Kuwait 17 years ago.”

Meanwhile Obama and McCain cling to the idea that Russia is “flexing its military muscles once again. This keeps the voter looking for decisive leaders and “take charge mentalities to keep them safe, Another “Straw Man” argument, one that can truly re-ignite the old war that may son become hot. Take this statement from Ralph Nader:

Afghanistan: Bush burned down haystack to find needle

Taking issue with the war in Afghanistan, Nader said, “Bush burned down a haystack to try to find a couple of needles. He didn’t find the needles, but there have been 1000s of innocent deaths.” Nader says he would have organized a modest multinational force and sent them into Afghanistan to arrest Osama bin Laden, a kind of police raid. Then he would have tried him at The Hague. “Sept. 11 was an international crime, a massacre,” Nader said in 2002. “We should have gone forward with international law.”

Source: Nader: Crusader, Spoiler, Icon, by Justin Martin, p.278 Sep 1, 2002

Both mainstream media candidates don’t want to talk about civil liberties, or the excess if the Bush Administration. I believe that they aren’t talking for a reason. Both Presidential candidates do not wish to upset the applecart when it comes to executive power. It seems to me that “the Unitary Executive” will live on in both parties, while Congress goes along with it like the sheep they are.

The cold hard facts are that Russia did not start the war in Georgia; the South Ossetia’s did, as their “peacekeepers” launched an attack on the Russia peacekeepers and the Georgina Army started shelling civilian targets. This was a war propagated by Georgia with the backing of the US. Why both candidates’ constantly bring up the specter of Russia with imperial aims is patently ridiculous.

Is this just another way of keeping Americans fearful as we encircle Russia militarily? McCain stated that he saw the letters KGB in Putin’s eyes. Did he also see in President’s George H.W. Bush the letters CIA?

All in all the debate was disheartening. Obama came our solidly against lobbyists, corporate interests in government and “Special interests” that are ruining our republic (even though he is the largest recipient of corporate donations). He also espoused a larger war in Afghanistan. McCain said just about the same things. What I want to know is why they continually take their money while they continually let the wealthiest business owners off the hook? The corporations have sold our industrial base offshore, and the jobs that went with them. Obama talks a good game about getting our industrial base moving again, but never tells us how. Why is war always something that is waiting in the wings?

If what happened last night is any indication of what is in the future for America, we may as well brace for it. There was no mention of civil liberties being returned to Americans, no lessoning of the military budget that brought us into this debt, along with the declining housing market. The truth is that we cannot continue to spend the kind of money on our military as we have done. We cannot continue to be the pre-eminent military power on Earth until we fix our economy. The truth is, we would be much better of if we for once, minded our own business. As both candidates signed onto use taxpayer money to try and shore up banks and investment houses, who are watching out for the people? The answer is Kucinich, Feingold and Bernie Sanders and Keith Schuler from NC that all voted against the law. Whydah you think they did that?

Since this will never happen we should consider the third party candidates that have real ideas and are not “carbon copies” of each other. It’s too bad for this country when we have two “birds of a Feather” mincing word at a national presidential debate. This don’t bode well for the future.

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