Protest at the Bank of England: No Bail Out for the Bosses

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Hundreds of protestors attempted to storm the Bank of England and Royal Exchange before marching round the City and bring traffic to a halt.

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9 thoughts on “Protest at the Bank of England: No Bail Out for the Bosses

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  6. Apparently poor people don’t like giving money to the rich people, Hmm…, how rude.
    Badge #113, now America, you know why the police state officer’s hide behind secrecy, no badges, no names, no dept.s, no agencies, heads and faces covers, no Accountability, no Responsibility, all Identical Blue Meanies, pick the one out, in a crowd.
    All that noise and rabble, with no violence, on either side.
    Wake Up American Dreamer’s, there’s a nightmare occurring right now, right here in our streets, in our cities, in our states, and in our nation.
    When peace is meet with force, there no longer is peace, just forced submission

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