Ralph Nader: The People’s Champion

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A video bio of Independent candidate Ralph Nader, one of the greatest public citizens in America’s history.

The time has come for an Independent President of the United States…

Video Footage:
“An Unreasonable Man”
“Democracy Now (1/31/08)”
“Who Killed the Electric Car”

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Nader/Gonzalez – Radio Ads: Now or Never + NPR Interview

3 thoughts on “Ralph Nader: The People’s Champion

  1. Excellent, thanks! Here’s a copy of the email I sent to the commission today, feel free to copy it and email it yourself to jb@debates.org

    I opened an email from the Nader campaign today, reminding me that yet again you are denying debate access to valid, qualified presidential candidates. Adding insult to injury, the email also informs me that these same candidates, each of whom represents hundreds of thousands and in some cases millions of American voters, are being denied access to even attend the event.

    I am involved in working to change the current debate system in the U.S. this year, and there are many such efforts going on across the country. It is only a matter of time before change is forced upon the system. Your organization’s efforts to hear our calls for change, and to make those changes on your own, would go a long way in restoring our confidence in your ability to present fair and relevant debates.

    I am including the text of the Nader campaign correspondence, in case you missed the original. Please take the time to read it, and to consider how opening the event to ALL qualified candidates would not only be the best thing for your organization, but the best thing for America and just plain the right thing to do.

    Thank you for your time,

    Morgan Mghee

    Dear Ms Brown,

    In a spirit of fairness, since you won’t allow us in the debates or release the secret polls that you rely on to
    figure out which candidates meet your threshold of 15 percent national support, I would like to ask that you
    allow me, and the three other third party Presidential candidates who are on the majority of state ballots, the
    common courtesy to at least have a seat at the debates among the audience.

    As a secondary point, I would like to ask for you to make public which polls the Commission on
    Presidential Debates (CPD) relied upon to determine who is allowed into the Debate. We have reason for
    concern on this matter, as it appears that some major polling organizations, Gallup to name one that you
    have used in the past, claim to include third parties, but on closer inspection this is only true one out of
    every 200 times.

    Gallup’s daily tracking poll asks voters if they support Obama, McCain, neither, or someone else. Because
    millions of Americans don’t even know we or the other third party candidates are running, less than half a
    percent say someone else. It is an accepted rule of thumb in polling to go from the general to the specific,
    not the other way around. As evidence of this, in polls that mention me by name in the primary question,
    such as the Sept 24 Wall Street Journal/NBC poll, I get 5 percent support nationally. This is still far from
    the 15 percent threshold that your considerably inflated criteria requires, but it would be rather
    disingenuous bordering on fraudulent to base a criteria on a threshold in polls, which you don’t even bother to admit may not even be polling the candidates other than those of the Republican and Democratic Parties that created and control the CPD.

    For Fairness and the Voter’s Right to Know,

    Ralph Nader

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