World seeking new generation of thinkers and achievers By Roland Michel Tremblay

By Roland Michel Tremblay
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Oct. 12, 2008

My Generation does not require any of this. What? Everything you are thinking and worried about right now, the nightmare we are in. I never saw the need to identify to any generation or to talk in the name of a new generation, but such a mess you have made of this world, whilst the worst is still to come, I feel now perhaps there is a need to. A necessity maybe to speak about what will come after the destruction of most of our institutions and way of life.

You have proven that none of you could be trusted with any matter relating to humanity: happiness, compassion, sympathy, functionality, stability, reliability, jobs, survival, fairness, justice, intelligence. And so it is urgent we take over and fix everything, if it can still be achieved.

Far from acting like the wise patriarchs that you are supposed to be, building institutions to last, putting into place structures that can be relied upon in a society, and acting responsibly, quite the contrary: that older generation is out of control, does not know what its doing, does not seem to care for any of us, or for any consequence for its own actions, and here we are, my generation might witness the end of everything before accomplishing anything worthwhile in life.

I’m 35 years old, that’s already an older generation. Many of you would qualify me as too young to do anything worthwhile, and it is true that I have achieved naught. Certainly not however from a lack of potential or wanting. But who can we trust?

The older generation invented nothing, they just kept what previous generations had wisely already put into place, and through some extreme greed and insanity, pushed everything to its own limits, and now everything we worked so hard for is crumbling to dust.

The younger generation is no better, it has been called Generation Kill, playing video games all day, trained from the cradle to be the perfect soldiers in the wars the older generation is so desperate to fight, in order to make huge profits through the war and security industries, and the resources it can steal, never mind if it brings about Armageddon. And me and my lost generation in between, who are we, what have we achieved? Nothing, we were never given the chance.

I suddenly feel the need to reassert myself, bring together people my age. I’m sure we are all sinking with the toilet’s water, in dead end jobs around the country, already deep in debt because of expensive education, with no hope to ever buy a house or being able to afford having a family. With no hope for a better future but being at the bottom of any corporate hierarchy, suffering all sorts of neuroses. None of us have ever even been a manager in this pointless and soul destroying management structure, where everyone orders everyone around to disastrous effects, with one man at the top deciding everything for everyone else like a true despot. It is the same in politics.

We are witnessing the mess and destruction around us, powerless to do anything about it. Is it something related to generations? Or is it just that in that kind of system we have, only heartless evil people can get to the top, through lies and devastation of others, and once there, brainless as they are, things can only get worse?

Perhaps this is the case. Maybe our ways of climbing the social ladder is at fault, so any intelligent person gets out of the way when being confronted by some rotten human being willing to annihilate anything in its path to the top. We end up with the worst psychopathic people running everyone else around and making the most absurd decisions.

So I thought, perhaps I should start a movement of some sort. What’s the quickest way to rally a whole bunch of people to my cause? Oh, people my age! I will tell them this is a generation thing, but in fact I will make it look like it is an emotional crisis, patriotic stuff, our country, our flag, our future. The old arguments, it will always work.

I would tell them, in my indoctrination tactics: let’s eradicate anything that came before us! We don’t need Democrats or Republicans, Liberals or Conservatives or Labours, we certainly do not need anyone who has been in politics over five years in his or her lifetime.

We do not require these soul destroying corporate structures, social hierarchies, so many people in authority at every level, that not one person can actually now think for himself or herself without being confronted by an army of people controlling their existence.

If I don’t make it a generation thing, how else would I rally anyone, to make them understand that everything has gone wrong, and somehow it is in the structures that changes are required? Who else will I get on my side? Lunatics, conspiracy theorists, convicted defendants who already lost their head through sheer exasperation at this lack of any kind of freedom, and who ultimately decided that there was only one thing left to do: pick up a gun and start shooting?

We don’t need marketing and sales executives, managers, directors, board directors, VPs, presidents, etc. Job titles that are so meaningless, you could not possibly have any idea of what these people do, if they happen to be doing anything worthwhile for society. So much management, and look where we are now.

We don’t need capitalism, I think it has now proven without any doubt that it can only cyclically fail miserably. We don’t need communism or socialism, also too riveted in corruption and misery. It’s time to try something new.

The whole financial sector, it started well, it was well thought of, and then, a bunch of new decisions wiped it all out, to bring more money to the richest people. And now, the economy runs in a vacuum, where nothing is based on reality. Suddenly all the flaws of the economy and the financial sector are obvious to us all.

It all needs to be redrawn completely to compensate for so much greed and irresponsibility, keeping in mind that no one can be trusted, just like children. However, I would more readily now trust children’s innocence to govern my affairs than old businessmen in politics plagued with conflict of interests that no one is denouncing as being totally unacceptable.

Can generations really help here? New people taking over, no matter how old they are, just new people with new ways of thinking and organizing things. After all, there are so many people in this country, whenever there is a major issue, there is always someone out there who thought out all the solutions so perfectly, you can always find it if you dig deep enough.

It is a fact that all solutions to all our problems already exist, and could be implemented almost instantly to the better good, and even to save us all. But no, we go for the worst decisions, as if they were the only ones available. Is there anybody still left thinking around here? Or will we let all these corrupted politicians and corporate heads (the line is blurred between those) dictate how the world as we knew it will end?

Our political systems are not working, we cannot get heard, as even our representatives are powerless. Politics is a one man show, and this has to change. Following the party line is scandalous, political parties need to disappear. More direct democracy has got to be implemented, and anyone who has been in politics more than five years at this time, needs to be dropped into a black hole, contaminated as they must be by now.

Corruption and conflict of interests in politics definitely have to go. Political campaigns that cost millions and billions, this is not acceptable. Everyone should be able to get into politics and given the chance to make a difference. No one should be able to receive millions from anyone in order to buy an election.

By a new generation, I don’t mean age brackets. I mean new blood, new people, new ideas, to replace the old ones who have been there since forever and can only see to further their own interests. I mean nicer people, people who care for the people. Someone who will not jump ship as soon as the powerful evil opposition, ready to exterminate everyone, will show its ugly face.

We need intelligence, practicality, a willingness to change structures and being able to find and implement those solutions. We don’t need the stories of old. There are plenty of new ideas out there, even success stories of countries who have done much better than we could have ever hoped to achieve ourselves.

We could do with a new generation of politicians, a new generation of financial advisers and any other political advisers, a new generation of employers and bosses capable of seeing us as human beings before tools of productivity to be harassed and abused.

We could do with a new generation of caring people, there to help us for a change, building the real infrastructures we need instead of destruction, privatization the way it has been handled through so much political corruption.

We could do with changing everything from top to bottom. I don’t know how radical we will need to be. Don’t listen to me, because I have now become damn extreme and cynical, but perhaps we can strike some sort of right balance, as long as nothing of the old remains.

We desperately require a new generation of thinkers and achievers who can establish and put into place new structures which will bring about prosperity, freedom and happiness. We need to handpick these people and put them in power, because they certainly are too bright to go anywhere near what the world of politics has become. And then, we need to insure they can do their job without worry or intimidation.

Here comes the new generation who will rethink everything, be able to find the existing solutions and implement them, and yes, for once, they will be able to listen to the people, act for the people, work towards making this world a better one for everyone. Let’s start with reinstating a real democracy and reorganizing the financial world, and not shrink in front of such a task, as it is in the structures that we need to rebuild.

This is such an old discourse. They were saying the same thing 2000 years ago, and somehow, we never made it worked. A real democracy, people deciding their own fate, working towards a just and fair world for everyone. Will we never be able to take control of our existence?

For once, let’s insure that no one in 100 or 1000 years will feel the need to say what I am saying here. I am tired of repeating what every single generation before me has already stated in much better and knowledgeable ways. Perhaps we should go back and listen to what they were saying, we obviously did not pay attention the first time.

Well, now we are desperate and on the brink of disaster. Seems like a good time to start thinking and achieving something new, no matter how old it is. Solutions already exist, let’s review them all, and let’s act.

It is no longer a question of hoping of getting heard, it is a question of taking back the power that belongs to us, sitting down with people we can trust, and then simply act. Let’s hear your solutions, no matter how crazy they are, we are desperate.

Is there anything more important than that, whilst we are all now completely alienated by our all powerful, blind and deaf politicians running around like chickens with their head cut off? No solution they offer is a solution, it can only get worse. They suffered enough, we suffered enough, let’s put them out of their misery, let’s kick them all out before the next elections.

Why? It is very likely that the next elections will be stolen again for a third time. Possibly the Republicans will win no matter how more popular the Democrats actually are. The proof is in the fact that independent smaller survey organizations all agree that the Democrats will win with a landslide, but disagree completely with the major opinion polls from the mass media, where apparently the Republicans are rating much better:

We need a world where all our money and resources will not go to the military to fight wars, or rescue missions to save useless bankrupted financial corporations. We need to invest in people, free education, social securities, free justice, free health care, freedom, cheaper transport and to eliminate poverty. These are all easy and reachable goals, do not believe any politician telling you otherwise.

Another old discourse. Must be because a long time ago, this is what people wanted, this is what people still want, and this is what people never got. If that is not proof enough that we never actually took control of our own destiny, I wonder what is.

I’m sure we can do it, if we forget personal ambition, social hierarchies and pettiness. I’m sure we can achieve anything if we replace our actual leaders. They certainly have the worst track record ever, whilst the ones in line to replace them are just more of the same breed.

Let’s bring in a new generation of thinkers and achievers, and let’s rebuild a simple, practical and productive world based on reality, a world in which we can all finally find peace, peace of mind and happiness.

This article is an excerpt of the book “Destructivism, The Path to Self-Destruction”:

Roland Michel Tremblay is an author with six books published in France. He is a French-Canadian born in 1972 who has been living in London UK for 15 years. He can be contacted at this e-mail address:


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