Countdown: Troopergate + Richard Lewis

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Oct 13, 2008


Palin and McCain’s Campaign Troubles

Keith reports on the latest troubles for Palin on the campaign trail and at the Flyers game, McCain’s sinking poll numbers, the lastest to come out of both the McCain camp and the Obama camp on the campaign trail. Richard Wolffe weighs in.


Keith talks to Wayne Barrett about the latest on Troopergate.

McCain Campaign’s Mixed Messages

Keith reports on the conflicting messages and attacks coming out of the McCain campaign. Chris Hayes weighs in.

Richard Lewis Interview


Sarah Palin on SNL? Just say NO!

Max Blumenthal on Sarah Palin’s Radical Right-Wing Pals + Feeding the Hate

Palin’s Wolf-Killing Program Results in 14 Wolf Pup Deaths

TrooperGate Official Report Finds Gov Palin Broke Alaska Law

Rachel Maddow: Palin’s Secessionist Connection + Palin’s radical right-wing mentors

McCain Campaign Masters the Art of Dog Whistling Their Fear Mongering to the Religious Right




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