Theater of the Absurd + Triumph Interviews Ralph Nader

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Media Blackout – Theater of the Absurd


2008 Presidential Candidate Ralph Nader discusses the media blackout of our campaign in Omaha, Nebraska.


Late Night with Conan O’Brien – Triumph Interviews Ralph Nader




America’s Political Cannibalism By Chris Hedges

Rolling the Dice on Derivatives by Ralph Nader

7 thoughts on “Theater of the Absurd + Triumph Interviews Ralph Nader

  1. That is absolutely enraging.

    I’ve sent them angry letters, rated the video down on NBC’s website, and left comments on there.

    I encourage everybody who knows what a true American Ralph Nader is, to do all of the above, and to spread the word.

    They made fun of his bells paulsy? That’s fucking low. Absolute fucking hackery.

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  4. Terrible, simply terrible.
    Wake Up America, a complete change in local state and federal party system. Its the Repordem party
    Prove you have the guts, to just say No.
    If not now when ?

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