Update on Joe the Faker + Joe The “Unlicensed” Plumber

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More clarity about Wurzelbacher & Eisenstadt still popping up

Clearing some smoke, corrections etc.


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Just posted on Politico “McCain discovers plumber no ordinary Joe”


Here’s the fake Iraqi TV piece


Here’s that guys old yt channel


Joe the Plumber: Not a Licensed Plumber


Joe in the Spotlight


Negative Joe the Plumber ad.


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more about “Update on Joe the Faker“, posted with vodpod


Joe The “Unlicensed” Plumber


October 16, 2008 MSNBC Keith Olbermann


Obama vs McCain 3rd Presidential Debate (link) + Who is Joe, the plumber?

5 thoughts on “Update on Joe the Faker + Joe The “Unlicensed” Plumber

  1. Joe the un-licensed Plumber is like the rest of the under rated individuals tryibng to make it on their own, they’re criminals, so what the whole “Democratic money-grubber’s System” is filled with bigger fish.
    Look him, the little guy over there, but don’t look at ME, the crook right here !

  2. I really do not see what the big deal is on joe the plumber, and how did the media single out this guy since there are dozens of actual sites with company names of “Joe the plumber”?

    Try doing a search in google and there are loads of them, but I bet the servers for these joe the plumber sites are getting strained by the unrealistic media buzz on a political joke by McSame.

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