Interview: Iraq Vets after Arrest at Oct 15 Debate

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After the IVAW members were released by Nassau County police, we spoke 20 minutes after their release at 2:04 am EDT.
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One can understand the raw adrenaline the Vets were running on, as they had committed a non violent act of civil disobedience and not only were they harassed by police, a member of their ranks was badly injured.

Interview by GlobalPundit.Org, footage by Noah Kunin of theUptake.Org

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  4. I’m still coming down from this, it happened right in front of me. Liz Hourican of CodePink was stepped on by one of the horses and I got a pic just before it happened. A completely scary experience.

    I was very pleased and proud to host CodePink in my home the night before. Desiree and Liz from DC, Kelly Jacobs from Mississippi and Lynn from Texas stayed in my house while Tighe and Jim slept outside in the outrageous flourescent pink Winnebago.

    We had had a very peaceful and almost fun day with no incidents up until then. Gathering of Egos parked right next to us and we ignored them, our drumming and dancing and singing drew lots of people and attention from the press.

    During the civil disobedience action, not one vet lost their cool or their temper. Not one person reacted in a violent manner. The mounted police were completely unnecessary.

    I am deeply upset and enraged that the blood of an American veteran was spilled on American soil by a soulless agent of Bush’s police state.

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