Larry King Live: Bobby Kennedy vs Michael Reagan

Dandelion Salad


Larry King talks to Bobby Kennedy Jr. and Michael Reagan about whether Colin Powell will endorse Obama, who will win the Presidential race, and voter suppression. Kennedy hits the nail on the head with the voter fraud non-issue and how this ties into the US Attorney scandal.

Larry King talks to Robert Kennedy Jr. Michael Reagan and wingnut Michelle Bachmann who apparently decided one television appearance for the day to make a fool out of herself wasn’t enough. Kennedy does a good job of getting out some points about what McCain’s stances are without allowing Reagan to talk over him, and then we get another call for “investigators” out of Bachmann which Kennedy again manages to shoot down before the segment runs out of time.

Wingnut Fest With Cries of Marxism

Larry King decides to give a couple of segments to the wingnut fest of Crazy-Eyes Michelle Bachmann, Kellyanne Conway and Lars Larson with no countering opinions to spew a bit of bile on his show which he obviously disagrees with at least some of, but does an extremely lame job of countering. This is the second half. Bachmann seems to think McCain is a populist now, and is suddenly worried about government spending when she had no problem for these bottomless pit wars without end that are bankrupting us. Lars throws out the Marxist charges which I’m sure we’ll be hearing for the next eight years if Obama is elected and reelected. At least he knows how to pronounce nuclear but apparently he doesn’t understand that the plumber isn’t a plumber, and his name isn’t Joe, and Obama is going to give him a tax break and not redistribute his wealth. And Conway thinks Obama isn’t experienced and is still running the PUMA lines attempting to divide Democrats which haven’t worked for them so far, but hey, why should that stop her now? They still need an excuse after they rig those voting machines don’t they?


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