Explosive news: George W. Bush is right! By Roland Michel Tremblay

By Roland Michel Tremblay
featured writer
Dandelion Salad
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Oct. 21, 2008

I know this is explosive. No need to crucify me. No need to have a heart attack just yet. I’m just playing the devil’s advocate here and trying to understand. Think, consider everything, it could be useful.

Let’s assume that there is no New World Order working for its own interests, that Bush and Cheney never had hidden plans, and are not corrupt politicians of the worst kind. That they are not into false flag events to justify wars and other fascist tactics to take over the world. That there was no corporate conflict of interests anywhere justifying irrational decisions. What then, and why?

Is Bush really working for us all, for America, protecting our own interests? Could a case be made to justify the nightmare of the last eight years? Something hard to swallow, and yet, considering what was at stake, still acceptable from an American history viewpoint?

Interesting questions. Because, though George W. Bush is beyond doubt going down as the worst President ever in history, others, mostly Republicans by birth, will try to justify that, instead of being our second Hitler, he was in fact desperately trying to avert a catastrophe of gigantic proportions which would have meant the utter destruction of the United States as the only superpower left in the world.

Never mind that he failed, and that now we are witnessing the end of the American Empire. Is it possible that he has some insight or intelligence that we lack, which could not be made public so obviously, but still required all those extreme decisions which made him and his party so unpopular?

We are the people of this democracy, we decide our destiny, in theory at least. And by any definition of any government, we don’t know anything, we don’t know what we want. We are too idealistic in nature, and others need to make the hard decisions in our place in order to sustain the continuity of what we have been used to: the success of our supremacy in the world. You don’t want to live in a world where those hard decisions are not being made in your name, in ignorance, in the shadows.

You never get to the top by playing by the rules, or being nice. You crush everything on your way to power, it is the only way. This simple fact explains why in the end there is not much difference between a Democratic or a Republican government, and why they all agreed on those so called patriotic laws that destroyed the Constitution and our most cherished human rights. We have to believe it was necessary somehow, without further explanation. All right, we believed it. But why?

Let’s be honest, we are all nice people here. We don’t want war, we want peace. We don’t want to steal anything, we want to pay a huge price for it. We don’t want to kill people or crush the world to insure we remain on top of it, we are ready to compromise until everyone can take advantage of our softness and annihilate us all.

I am cynical enough to be realistic and see the world for what it is. Ultimately, we want and should remain in power of the world at any cost, and I do stress it, at any cost. Be it the massacre of millions of people. Because this is the world we live in, and it does not seem that there is any other way.

This is how your government has always been thinking. How could they ever function otherwise, when every other single government thinks the same? Let’s be honest. Peace and love have always only existed, in theory, on this side of the world. And no one knows yet if this is the right side.

Perhaps governments are right sometimes to think that the world of politics would not work if the same values we hold so dear in our day to day life, were to be implemented out there in the world at large.

You see, South America will not hesitate to take us over, and they could. China is already on its way to dominate the world, China might actually have financially carefully planned the destruction of America, with the help of Russia. They certainly own most of America, your mortgage, along with our Muslim “friends”. If no one is willing to say it, I will. It is only, after all, why we are at war, and planning more of it, carefully planning the last one of this humanity in fact.

Is there something we don’t know, which is being played out and decided right now on the international diplomatic scene, which could justify those wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, and even attacking Iran before Russia takes it over, despite the recession? At three billion dollars a day to continue these wars, before we even think about Iran, you certainly need a great motivation, when your country is facing a historic bankruptcy on a massive scale.

Is it for the American supremacy that we fight for? Our great standard of living, our chance to dictate to the world how the future will be, instead of others dictating to us how they will proceed with us? Is it to prevent other countries, other dictatorships, from taking over America, that we are taking all these desperate measures, and risk a Nuclear Third World War? Is the threat as great as Hitler was sixty years ago, and yet, we would have remained unaware of it all?

Well, you have to believe it, if you do not believe in any sort of New World Order. Or in this idea that George W. Bush, Cheney and Co, are simply working towards making themselves rich, along with the huge corporations they have interests in, at the cost of everything else, at the cost of sacrificing America.

This is quite an important question. Of course people have tried desperately to explain why Bush and Cheney made all these decisions, why they seemed to have benefitted from such a puzzling collaboration from the Democratic Party. I can understand that in the end, we could only come up with the most outrageous explanations, whilst trying to figure this out.

We have to assume that our institutions work, that our politicians are not stupid, far from it. They never take any decision lightly, they are not somehow being manipulated or bullied into their decisions, they know what they are doing. Don’t they?

Then, they certainly know something that we don’t, something that could never be spoken of in order to insure the success of such decisions. As if somehow we could be facing something so serious, and yet, unspeakable, from fears that other countries could then win the unspoken war for the supremacy of the world.

There is so much to explain! Why would the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom so completely give 100% support to Bush and Cheney? Why would the Prime Ministers of Canada and Australia (at the time), so willingly espouse all of Bush’s plans?

How could you explain such collaboration from the whole American Congress, especially from the opposition, even when they had some sort of majority in the House? If these people are not being threatened, then they know something we don’t, and they can’t say anything about it. And perhaps, after all, they are acting in our best interests. We can only hope.

Never mind if these interests are immoral, and millions will die as a consequence. Still, the other side of the coin might be even darker for us all, it could be us dying instead of those Muslims, and eventually Chinese and Russian people.

Yes, being a politician might be that hard a job. Deciding to kill million of foreigners on the other side of the planet, in order to prevent millions of us dying eventually, or suffer terribly through a lack of those most basic resources.

Is this what is going on? Not only capitalism being on its way out, but America as well? Are we now fighting to insure we will not all become so poor, struggling like a Third World country, like Africa?

And even perhaps, what we perceive as this police state, the emergence of a fascist state, is to prevent a dictatorship from another country from dictating to us how we will live?

If our politicians are not all corrupt, if there was no false flag events, if we are not fighting those wars on behalf of those large corporations’ profits, and suffering the largest depression since 1929 for another reason than the fact that Paulson thought he could once more pull it off by injecting more billions into the markets, then something is seriously amiss in the information and intelligence the public gets.

It would mean something terrible is going on. We are facing extinction, or at the very least the loss of our way of life, our standard of living, our position in the world. It is then the only conclusion possible.

George W. Bush was right, though he could not say it without creating the very world war he was perhaps still hoping to avert, in order to prevent America from becoming a Third World country.

Of course, we don’t believe any of this. It could never be justified. Bush will go down in history as another Hitler who might still succeed, but hopefully will, once again, fail.

But I think we should try to explain rationally why everything that has happened recently happened, and why we made all those decisions in order to make it happen. Those irrational decisions had, after all, the support of the Democratic Party.

It can only mean, ignoring fear and possible bullying, that the people have spoken. The whole government cannot possibly be corrupt, can it? Despite all this electoral fraud going on that we are finally proving. These were perhaps the right decisions to be made then?

Maybe there is more to it than we know, and that from another perspective, without resorting to conspiracy theories, it could still all make sense. And though it might sound immoral, in the end, we have to admit, we are not quite ready to give up our status as the leaders of the world. Better dictate to others what we want, than let others dictate to us what our future will be.

I bet you have now identified me as someone dangerous on all sides. Good, you’re gonna need those in months to come. It is not going to be easy. We pushed it that far, that want it or not, now, we can only make desperate decisions for our own survival, at the cost of everyone else in the world.

And now you can forget everything I just said. I don’t believe it myself. And yet, finding answers to these questions, would go a long way to explain those hallucinating last years we witnessed in the world of politics worldwide.

Roland Michel Tremblay is an author with six books published in France. He is a French-Canadian born in 1972 who has been living in London UK for 15 years. He can be contacted at this e-mail address: rm@themarginal.com

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