The vicious attacks are starting again by Cindy Sheehan

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Cindy Sheehan

by Cindy Sheehan
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Oct 21, 2008

When I was in Crawford, Tx at Camp Casey in the Summer of ’05, I would receive hundreds per day. Of course, I am dishonoring my son’s memory and I am un-patriotic and even a “whacko” “nut job” “bat shit crazy” and their favorite: “mama moonbat.” I dared to question their President and the lies that led to my son’s death. I refused to be an appreciative Gold Star Mother wearing a wilted carnation at the Memorial Day observances and accepting my grief in patriotic silence.

At least when I was in Texas, I had some support from some people who agreed with me on the war and about George Bush. Back then it was not too popular to protest the Emperor, but it made me very popular with the “left” and with the “peace” movement. I knew when the right attacked me with such hateful vigor, I was on the right track. Now, most of the country realizes that the war was/is wrong and that George Bush is a dangerous moron.

Now, the “left” is attacking me with the same hateful vigor and personal attacks as the right did back in 2005 because I dare to hold the Democrats to the same standard as I hold the Republicans. Does this mean that I am now a Republican lover? Hell no! I think when we get to the very top of the political food chain the Democrats and Republicans collaborate to steal our money and our freedoms.

Former SF Mayor, Willie Brown who lionized me before, recently called me a “loonie-tune” in his blog on SF Gate and I have been pronounced “insane and delusional” by Markos Moulitsas the editor of the Democratic apologist blog “The Daily Kos.” I am sure that Markos and Willie both have MDs in psychology and are fully qualified to diagnose my mental health without an examination.

Why does Markos think that I am “insane and delusional?” Because my campaign has had a series of coincidences or a run of bad luck that I said might be attributed to the opposition. I never accused Pelosi of anything or said that the attacks were definitely hanky-panky.

Gee, I must be crazy if I could even think that Democrats would tamper with elections like Republicans. It has never happened in the entire history of our country and I am sure that my campaign would be the first. My friends who still work in Democratic politics here in California have been warned not to work on my campaign or they would be “finished” in the party. A former Congressional candidate (D) came to my office and gave me a fund raising list but told me to never say his name because he wants to run for Supervisor as a Democrat here in town. Top Democrats here whisper to me that they will “vote” for me, but they can’t publicly endorse me. At least one very top Democrat is lying about me on the record. I can’t make this stuff up.

To all of you who attack me personally and question my mental health and my motherhood, or whatever, all I can say is “get some perspective.” I buried my son and if you all think that anything you can say or do to me is going to make me stop working for peace and accountability, you are seriously mistaken.

If you (left, right, center or wherever) think that it is okay to support wars, spying, torture, bankster bailouts, environmental degradation and taking away our civil rights; then by all means, live in your world where you think that your political party are the saints and the others are the sinners. It’s all about party loyalty, isn’t it? Tell that to the people who are being killed, tortured or impoverished in your names.

We are back to hundreds of attacks per day.

We must be on the right track, again.

Thank you.

To all of you who have stuck by me and to the thousands of people who have contributed hundreds of thousands of dollars and thousands of volunteer hours to my campaign, I say a big “THANK YOU.” You know that a true representative democracy demands more voices and more choices, not the two-party monopoly that exists today.

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7 thoughts on “The vicious attacks are starting again by Cindy Sheehan

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  2. Markos Moulitsas is not left, or even liberal. He is a conservative Democrat who consistently bans liberals from the DailyKos if they ever say anything that veers off from his conservative party line.

    Cindy Sheehan embodies the values of the Democratic Party far more than a corrupt, war mongering, heterosexist, plutocratic, genocidal racist Republican like Nancy Pelosi.

    Pelosi = Bush

  3. Craig, you are commenting to another post. Click the link and comment on his post as it’s only a pingback to this post. Thanks.

    Note: I edited the pingback so it looks more like a pingback than a comment.

  4. Your rebuttals on Cindy’s piece are fascinatingly sophomoric. The wholly original “bat” comment was particularly stimulating.

    It is always a pleasure to see the mental midgets that consider themselves critics of Cindy.

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