ACLU Demands Information On Military Deployment Within U.S. Borders

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American Civil Liberties Union
ACLU Demands Information On Military Deployment Within U.S. Borders

Deployment Erodes Longstanding Separation Between Civilian And Military Government

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NEW YORK – The American Civil Liberties Union today demanded information from the government about reports that an active military unit has been deployed inside the U.S. to help with “civil unrest” and “crowd control” – matters traditionally handled by civilian authorities. This deployment jeopardizes the longstanding separation between civilian and military government, and the public has a right to know where and why the unit has been deployed, according to an ACLU Freedom of Information request filed today.

“The military’s deployment within U.S. borders raises critical questions that must be answered,” said Jonathan Hafetz, staff attorney with the ACLU National Security Project. “What is the unit’s mission? What functions will it perform? And why was it necessary to deploy the unit rather than rely on civilian agencies and personnel and the National Guard? Given the magnitude of the issues at stake, it is imperative that the American people know the truth about this new and unprecedented intrusion of the military in domestic affairs.”

According to a report in the Army Times, the Army recently deployed an active military unit inside the United States under Northern Command, which was established in 2002 to assist federal homeland defense efforts and coordinate defense support of civil authorities. This deployment marks the first time an active unit has been given a dedicated assignment to Northern Command.

Civilian authorities, not the military, have historically controlled and directed the internal affairs of the United States. This rule traces its origins to the nation’s founding and has been reaffirmed in landmark statutes including the Posse Comitatus Act, which helps preserve the foundational principles of our Constitution and democracy.

“This is a radical departure from separation of civilian law enforcement and military authority, and could, quite possibly, represent a violation of law,” said Mike German, ACLU national security policy counsel and former FBI Agent. “Our Founding Fathers understood the threat that a standing army could pose to American liberty. While future generations recognized the need for a strong military to defend against increasingly capable foreign threats, they also passed statutory protections to ensure that the Army could not be turned against the American people. The erosion of these protections should concern every American.”

In order to assess the implications of the recent deployment, the ACLU requested the Departments of Justice, Homeland Security and Defense today to immediately make public all legal opinions, executive orders, presidential directives, memos, policy guidance, and other documents that authorize the deployment of military troops for domestic purposes.

Since the terrorist attacks of 9/11, the Department of Defense has dramatically expanded its role in domestic law enforcement and intelligence operations, including the National Security Agency’s warrantless wiretapping programs, the Department of Homeland Security’s use of military spy satellites, and the participation of military personnel in state and local intelligence fusion centers. The ACLU has repeatedly expressed concern about these incremental encroachments of the military into domestic affairs, and the assignment of active duty troops to Northern Command only heightens these concerns.

A copy of the ACLU’s information request is available online at:


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  4. When do the concentration camp roundups start around the country. For those who don’t know, see FEMA CONCENTRATION CAMPS. Other countries are aware of the repetition of history, and we should too. They already have “lists” of people who will be shackled and removed. Are we on that list? Visit the FEMA site above so you can “select” your new address -location in case we are able to choose. Alaska’s much too cold, the deserts of Calif are much too hot. Look up your state to see where the nearest site is to your town. ### A journey starts with one step, so help decide yours and don’t leave the decision to others.

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  7. THANK YOU ACLU! Someone needs to step to the front and inform Americans just what is going on regarding this deployment. Too many Americans snooze their way through life but there are those of us who know this issue needs to be publicized and our rights (what there are left of them) need to be preserved. Invaluable service to our country and it’s citizens you are performing. Thank you again

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