Lesser of two evils by Davis Fleetwood

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2 thoughts on “Lesser of two evils by Davis Fleetwood

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  2. Well said.

    But “for now” is the operative term.

    Personally I’ve had enough of people worying about their personal ‘rights’ in this nation, where even the poor are comparatively wealthy.

    Certainly in this ‘land of the thief, home of the slave’ we don’t deserve the ill-gotten ‘americon way of life’ more than those in the third world upon whose poverty and subjugation our vast affluence and opportunity depends.

    I still maintain that the single most important responsibility we have as votors, (insofar as any of our votes are even counted), is to be certain that the one constitutional law which nobody cares to deny, the one about the ‘commander in cheif’ of the armed forces, is not handed over to the candidate most assuredly according to past performance, a War Criminal.

    All else aside, and economy be darned (we gave it all wilfully away to the corporations decades ago, why complain now? That is the free market farce we bought into and apparently still believe), our greatest crime as citizens is this militarism which we’ve allowed to be foisted upon the world with our complicity.

    It’s always been a land of robber-barons and economic exploitation, and this is why the people love the USA. But this international militarism is a war-crime by any definition, one which we must vote down by whatever means necessary.

    Given the pick of this litter, McBomb is not only the worser of evils, he IS evil, he is a genuine War-Criminal.

    This alone should be the deciding factor in our votes.

    After that we can all argue over ideology and economics ad liberum.

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