Global Warming: Stronger Than Expected, Sooner Than Forecast

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Climate and Capitalism
October 23, 2008

Global warming is accelerating at a much faster rate than predicted by the IPCC, according to a new compendium of scientific research

In 2007, the Nobel Prize winning Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) released their Fourth Assessment Report – a study of global warming that involved nearly 4,000 scientists from more than 150 countries.

However, the science of climate change has moved on in the year since this respected report was published. Climate change: faster, stronger, sooner [PDF: 1.65 MB], published this month by WWF, amalgamates this new scientific data and reveals that global warming is accelerating beyond the IPCC’s forecasts.


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7 thoughts on “Global Warming: Stronger Than Expected, Sooner Than Forecast

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  5. Are you kidding me.. this is ridiculous.. what is it 1/10th of a degree they claim.. OMG i’m dead.. its been the two coldest years in a 100 yrs where I live.. You guys are going to have to change to gobal cooling and an ice age fear next..

    The IPCC is a Joke!

  6. I know lets build more fossil fuel plants in China to run our factories. That way “we” can blame the Chinese for not having better E.P.A. regulations.

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