Change Big Donors Can Believe In By Amy Goodman

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By Amy Goodman
Oct 22, 2008

Change is at hand. Barring a repeat of the protracted Florida recount of 2000, there will be a victor soon in the U.S. presidential election.

With the economic crisis, change is something in your pocket that you want to hold on to.

The campaigns are not dealing in small change, though. Their coffers, particularly the Democrats’, are swelling with larger and larger bundles of cash, ensuring that politicians will remain beholden to special interests and wealthy donors. Don’t hold your breath waiting for the extended television discussions of this, because it’s the broadcasters who profit the most.


via Truthdig – Reports – Change Big Donors Can Believe In


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  5. How are we to outlaw this type of influence peddling? Outlaw corporations, take away the rights that they have illegally gathered over the years that turn them into de facto people?

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