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3 thoughts on “Howard Zinn: War is no longer viable + Democracy and militarism

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  3. What is most fascinating is that the electorate still unapolagetically espouses this idea that US militarism is about spreading Democracy. And yet never can these people explain the real reasons for Vietnam as did Zinn so aptly here.

    Despite fleeing Vietnam at such great cost, and despite a genuine popular dissent of that atrocity, the people almost immediately forgot, and fell lock-step behind raygun and his sponsorship of atrocities in Latin America (consider his $8 trillion aid to the military fascists in El Salvador alone, at a cost of 150,000 campesino lives, Romero, Nuns, etc– and still the people loved Raygun in droves). El Salvador remains in utter shambles, as did Vietnam and Cambodia.

    And no sooner did the cold war logic for militaristically subjugating democratic processes in foreign lands (in the name of US corporate and economic interests) fade, then we’re at it again in Iraq.

    And now it’s as if nobody even remembes the horrors we’ve caused there all these recent years.

    US public opinion is vastly militaristic, nationalistic and easily fooled, it appears. Zinn mentions polls indicating otherwise, but the costs and atrocities of US militarism have been so extreme, and so pointless, there should have been a groundswell of dissent, and the USA should have disarmed its pointless postwar military machine decades ago.

    The Democrats, the Goppers, the public, are all complicit, as the closeness of this vote once again attests. There will be no sustained popular dissent against US militarism, it’s entwined with our national style, along with the lies that sustain it.

    The best we can hope ‘for now’, is that the person charged with the role of commander in cheif be the more intelligent, the less militaristic, and the least hypnotized.

    People are different. Consider only the differences between Zinn and McBomb, both are bombers, both have killed countless people in their military careers, yet one is reformed and spends his life working to educate the masses against militarism and US aggressions, and the other spends his life sponsoring and excusing illegal US invasions, complaining only when they are not ‘effective’ enough, and now wants the helm to do yet more destruction.

    Bottom line is the populace has had every opportuinity, every lesson hard-won to know full well the utter absurdity of its expansionist ways, and sees full well that they have failed over and over, and has every evidence that these invasions since WW2 are NOT about democracy nor freedom, and yet they support them wholeheartedly, with flag waving and fist raised.

    It is a vile culture of very, very bad people, and we should be ashamed, and afraid for the victims of our uncontrollable war-criminal addiction.

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