Nader Makes 21 Speeches in 15 Hours, ‘Massachusetts Marathon’ Breaks Guinness Record

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by Stephen Dohnberg

The Massachusetts Marathon

Ralph Nader made 21 speeches in 15 hours, travelled 365 miles through MA in what has been dubbed the “Massachusetts Marathon”.The 74 year old independent presidential candidate dedicated the Guinness Record breaking run to childhood hero Lou Gehrig.

On Oct 23rd the Nader campaign had contacted me to let me know that Ralph Nader would be making 21 speeches throughout the state of Massachusetts during a one day period on Sat. Oct 25.

In doing so, Nader has also found himself eligible for a spot in the Guinness Book or World records. This successful campaign action should garner Nader some national attention, as the mainstream media has largely ignored his campaign.


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Ralph Nader’s Massachusetts marathon Stop 8


This is Ralph Nader’s speech that was at Minute Man Historical Park in Concord, MA, which was stop 8 of his Massachusetts Marathon on October 25, 2008.



Ralph Nader, a Government for the people!


2008 Presidential candidate Ralph Nader stands on the steps of the Capitol in Washington DC and demands a government free or corporate Control!

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