Pakistan in a panic

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Panicking Pakistan
Will deteriorating American support be the fatal blow to the unstable country?

October 27 – “The critical aspect is that we look at Pakistan as a feudal state…the illusion of a civilian administration is just that.” In the wake of a new President and an IMF $5 billion grants, Sunil Ram, security analyst for Alexis International, discusses the unraveling political and financial crisis in Pakistan, in the first part of a two-part interview with Real News Network senior editor Paul Jay.

“Pakistan is in panic, because they cannot rely on the US for support,” Sunil emphasizes that dwindling American support is a critical factor in the country’s destabilization. The Pakistan military government has always relied on international aid as a vital monetary organ of the country. The absence of American confidence in the country’s new president Zardari, could jeopardize Pakistan’s position as a recipient of international aid.

The discussion turns to the pending issue of corruption. The bulk of Pakistanis never see a cent of the countries wealth due to political corruption. Sunil argues that the International AID entering the country money is “fueling a false economy” while the real monetary veins are pumping in funds from illicit practices. The Military has an important grip on key economic sectors of the country, such as the contentious drug trade trafficking through the country. Sunil emphasizes that “logic can infer, from the open source information available that drug movement through Pakistan cannot occur without the tacit support of the security forces within the country”.

The second part of the interview airing tomorrow will discuss the consequences for Pakistan of the American financial crisis.

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