Neil Cavuto on why McCain is a loser

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John McCain Is A Loser

Don’t take my word for it. Ask Neil Cavuto for his opinion:

John McCain, I figured out today why you’re a loser. Your positions are always changing.

You voted for the $700 billion rescue package. Yet today lumped your opponent with the Bush Administration for essentially pushing the same package.

What’s the deal with the Straight Talk Express?

He voted for this rescue, but now says Barack Obama and the White House, who voted for the same rescue, apparently voted for something different. Specifically, McCain wants to target the $700 billion into solving the mortgage crisis, not helping Wall Street banks. Look, I wasn’t for this rescue, but I kind of knew what it was about…shoring up the banks. If Senator McCain didn’t know that, he shouldn’t have voted for that…maybe he should have read that. Because he is smarter than this, and the verbal gymnastics that rival anything John Kerry was ever for before he was against…way, way before this. Not that Barack Obama’s positions are any more encouraging…but they are consistent. I don’t like the left-leaning, spread-the-wealth approach, but it’s a consistent approach and the Democratic nominee has never veered from it. You can accept him and his views or not. With John McCain I’m not so sure. But I am sure I’m not the only one confused. …confused by a man who says he hates government spending, but supports pushing $300 billion to bail out folks behind on their mortgage. You can’t say you’re against earmarks when you’re earmarking that kind of dough, Senator. Or adding more than $50 billion to a stimulus plan you cannot pay for…all the while blasting your opponent for coming up with programs he can’t pay for. Frankly, neither of your numbers adds up. But I’ve come to see a consistent pattern in Obama’s. For the life of me, Senator Straight Talk, I see no such straight thing with yours. Obama argues big government d spells out why we need it…accept it or reject it. You rail against big government, yet continue to push cockamamie spending plans that make a mockery of it. That’s why you’re losing right now, Senator McCain. Not because you don’t have the courage of your convictions. But because on economic matters, you have no convictions, period.

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  6. Frankly, Cavuto, is so boring, and creepy, I wonder why he’s not sent out like they (Fox) rotates out its famous female anchors….(Dhue, Hill, and Fedusha Donna…..if they’s only do the same with that barf—Geraldo—-) I personally am glad they are playing horror flims on the AMC and TMC when Horaldo, is flashed on the news……cannot believe how that turkey stays on their channel.

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