Presidential elections: planning for the worst By Roland Michel Tremblay

By Roland Michel Tremblay
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Oct. 30, 2008

All right! This is the last mile! Have I said all that needed to be said? Did you read everything I have written in the last few months running to this desperate day, Election Day? If not, well, I better give you my last insights, my last recommendations.

I need a clear conscience. I feel the need to feel I have done my duty as an insignificant citizen of this world, just like you should. Where are we now, what’s happening, what are we fighting for? Let’s prepare for the worst case scenario, just in case.

Ok! Somehow McCain and Palin are still in the running, even though this is all a lie and in reality this is an Obama and Biden landslide victory. So I guess the most important point to be stressed is electoral fraud, and lies of the mass media about opinion polls. Not only you need to vote this time, you also need to denounce that your vote has somehow been switched to the Republicans. That is the first hurdle.

So, I suppose that the second one does not really matter. I was going to say that no one should vote for the Democrats either, as they cannot be trusted to change just about everything in this society, in the very structures. If you are unable to vote for the Democrats, you certainly cannot vote for any third party.

Alright, the elections are not democratic, fraud is plaguing the results, and even opinion polls published in the mass media are wildly incorrect. What else can we do? Well, we will have to prove it somehow. How do we do this? I know, we sue them in Court. It reaches the Supreme Court, and then this fight crumbles to dust. Bush and Cheney made sure that the Supreme Court cannot stop them.

Oh dear! Do we need to plan for a civil war then? First you vote, second you realize this election is undemocratic, then you denounce it, understand you cannot do anything about it, and then walk on Washington and get shot! Or at the very least arrested and put in prison or in a concentration camp. Oh dear! The Republicans thought of everything, none of this will do. And yet, we cannot possibly be that powerless. Let’s furiously think about this!

Last words of wisdom. I guess, be prepared for anything, be ready to react to anything, but let’s think before we act, but let’s not think too long. The legal way won’t work. The revolutionary and impulsive way won’t work. Showing dissatisfaction and writing articles won’t work. Nothing will work, it seems.

A general strike of everyone across America might do the trick, if our only demand is to wipe out all those politicians and call for a new election with only new candidates who have never been in politics before. That’s one idea. Surely, if the Constitution still stands for something, if it is still there, we can change government whenever we collectively call for it?

Oh, everything could turn so ugly, and so quickly. It is possible that this election will cement the police state, the military state, the fascist state, in our life. Also that it will be obvious, and yet, none of us will be able to do anything about it.

Most likely others will first try the legal way, and fail, but after that we might not see the point of stopping the charade, we will accept it for another four years, like we did before, twice. Most likely this is what will happen following this fraudulent election in America.

But this time, it is for life that we will accept this state of affair. Now is the time to act, like it was four years ago, like it was eight years ago. Don’t do anything now, and well, nothing will ever be done about it. No momentum could ever again be reached against such a fight, it will be lost for a long time to come. Only now can we gather the momentum necessary to fight for democracy. After that it will be lost for decades, perhaps centuries.

I hope we will at least be able to convey to everyone that this is all a lie. That it will not simply end up in the headlines as people questioning those results, and yet, wondering if this is right, or something has gone fundamentally wrong for democracy and freedom.

I suppose this is my worst fear at this time, that Obama will not win the elections. I cannot hope for a massive vote for any other party but Republicans or Democrats, though this would be the miracle I am hoping for. For this to happen, it would have required the help of the mass media, and the mass media is also our enemy in this, an evil force to fight against.

None of us have been successful in bringing to the masses what is truly going on in this world. We can only hope it reached the farmer in Oklahoma, and that he now believes that all the American Institutions he believes in are in jeopardy, including the supremacy of the United States in the world, and that we are now facing becoming a Third World country.

Not only you need to vote for something other than Republican, but you also need to tell everyone around you, and make sure everyone else agrees with you, and voted for something else. And then, perhaps, altogether, you will realize that none of you voted Republican, and yet, they won, or certainly got more votes than it seems possible, considering the independent opinion polls you will not find in the mass media. They are all pointing to a major Obama victory.

First worry, electoral fraud. Second worry, proving it. Third worry, what we will do about it. Fourth, is a civil war the only solution left, and is it possible to rally the whole country without the help of the mass media? Fifth, is there any other solution? What are they? Please leave your comments at the end.

Realistically, forgetting this worst fear of electoral fraud, the democracy gone, as it has been for at least a decade, Barack Obama will win the next election. Is this it then? Can we all go back to sleep soundly without worrying about anything else, and everything will be put right somehow? Or will this just be the beginning of the end, more worries, more of what we have witnessed going utterly wrong recently? More wars?

After all, the Democrats supported the Republicans all the way, in every single irrational decision Bush and Cheney took, and so, it does not seem reassuring at all if the Democrats win the next elections. We can only hope to witness more of the same, a bit less extreme perhaps. Less psychopathy and megalomania. Will the course towards destruction we are on change though?

Where we are now, can only call for radical solutions. George W. Bush succeeded in ending the American Empire in this world, with the help of the Democrats, and now, none of those two parties could follow a different course of action, or renew all our ways of doing things as is required.

We can only continue towards our path of self-destruction. Just as I observed and predicted when I started to write this book called “Destructivism, the Path to Self-Destruction”, over two years ago.

Is there a way out of this? Is there a way to move towards Constructivism, the Path to Positivism and Happiness? Without having to re-start at Year Zero? And if so, let’s hear it! What do we need to do, who should take over, what needs to be changed, and how should we go about it?

Yes, this is a critical time for history, our history, our future. I do not believe that within my lifetime there will ever again be such a critical time than the next week presidential elections. This is why, me, who has never been political before, who is not even American, felt the need to read all about it and thoroughly write about it in the last few months.

Either everything will happen as it should, Obama winning, and then let’s hope it will be for the better, and somehow the nightmare we are all in will go away, or, this will be a new world, and dark years will be all we can hope for.

Enough insanity, enough wars, enough destruction, enough deaths! Obama will win and stop it all, or else, everything will break loose and we will witness the darkest chapter in our history!

The Democrats, Obama, are far from being the solution we need, but they are the only solution we have at this time, in this unfair political dual party system, since we still have political parties, something which truly needs to disappear. Let’s make sure Obama wins, or prove that he, in reality, won. And then we can worry about the rest later.

This is the lesser threat, the lesser evil for us all, and let’s hope somehow that once Barack Obama is in power, he will be able to bring back sanity in his troops. If he loses the elections, well, we then need to rally ourselves somehow, follow one voice coming out of many voices, we will need focus. Pay attention, and above all, do not trust the mass media.

Vote Obama, ensure your vote has not been switched to McCain. If so, prove it, and denounce it forcefully all over the Internet. If it fails, rally to the most powerful voice around you who states that it will bring back democracy.

Do not get arrested or put into a concentration camp (there are many in America at the moment, newly built for that purpose). This needs organization, planning, all authorities alerted to what these protests and demonstrations will be about. Walk straight to the White House on Election Day, and you will be shot! If you are still blind to it, these are the times we are now living in.

Let’s calmly see what happens, and then plan what we will do. Without unprecedented coordination, all will fail, it will be chaos. After all, we are after only one thing, democracy, and leaders who will listen to the people they are elected and paid to represent and speak for.

Hopefully this can be done without bloodshed or a civil war, as long as everyone agrees on the necessity of these fine points. Knowledge then is of the essence, rallying everyone is what is required at this time. And then we can think of global action. So talk to everyone around you without discrimination.

Hopefully none of this will be necessary, Obama will win with a landslide, just as it should be. If not, well… let’s prepare for the worse.

I am simply stunned by what I am saying now. I cannot believe I am writing these words. Never would have I thought I would be saying that kind of thing to you. Times have changed, everything has changed. I said it, it must be necessary, it must mean something, or else, it would never have come to my mind.

I am not easily convinced about anything. I usually feel so disconnected from everything that happens around me, this is perhaps why I am surprised that I have written such an article.

Most of the time I do not feel like I am existing within this world, as it has been made clear to me that I was just a reject, probably not worth existing in the first place. I bet you feel just the same, or did you convince yourself otherwise despite it all?

I am nobody. You are nobody. But don’t forget, we are all nobodies all across the country. And a lot of nobodies together can do a lot to change this world.

We need to carefully assess what goes on, and fight it if necessary, but plan ahead, coordinate together what we will do. We might need to, if we wish to save the world we have been used to, a world of freedom and happiness.

These are my last words of wisdom at this critical time. Good luck America! Good luck to us all, wherever we are in this world. So much depends on this, on fair elections leading to justice and a fair world for everyone, every single one of us.

A chance to live and excel, be recognized for who we are and are capable of. A chance for dying happy, with this conviction that we did the right thing, that we did something significant, and that we will be remembered as such by history.

Every single one of us, as it is our only duty and meaning to our existence. There is no time for regrets in this life. Only the right to do the right thing the first time around, or live to regret it.

Have I mentioned the meaning of that American Flag? What’s wrong with me! I thought it meant everything, and after that, nothing else needed to be said!

I should think, us, Americans, would know, when we are being taken for a sucker. If the worse happens, let’s carefully plan our course of action, what we will do to change it, to change the course of history against all odds. Let’s plan for the worse, as it might just happen. And do not let ourselves once again be played for fools.

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Roland Michel Tremblay is an author with six books published in France. He is a French-Canadian born in 1972 who has been living in London UK for 15 years. He can be contacted at this e-mail address:


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  7. DS

    The nail on the head. It seems like sooner or later, this whole thing is going to come to a head. It will probably happen when the US, and indeed, the world has been weakened by economic collapse, and food shortages.

    The whole farce is a disgrace. The elements in office that are supposed to stand for common people are bought and payed for by the international banking cartels. You can expect no support from them. They, in fact, will align themselves with the power mongers when the chips are down.

    My heart bleeds for Americans who are brainwashed and are even using hand salutes for Obama. Remember the last time we had these salutes?.. Yep 1939.

    Please check out my article on how people are used and discarded by elites.. Those that think this is about change are being fooled, but they will only realise this when they are sitting in the dumping ground.

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