Making Excuses for Obama by Justin Raimondo

by Justin Raimondo
October 31, 2008

The mythology of good intentions

Every time I write about Barack Obama I get a lot of letters, and the most typical goes something like this:

Dear Justin,I read your column regularly, and generally agree with what you have to say, but I think you’ve got Barack Obama all wrong. Yes, I know, he went before AIPAC and kowtowed; he pledged to do “anything – and I mean anything” to stop Iran’s nuclear program. He acts “tough” and says he’s going to invade Pakistan; he gets in Russia’s face. But that’s all a show: you see, he has to do this stuff or else he won’t get elected. Once he’s safely in office, he’ll do the right thing.


As much as I hate to be the bearer of bad news, in this instance – because we’ve certainly been through the mill these past eight years, and deserve some relief – I have to say that this attitude is profoundly irrational. After all, why shouldn’t we take Obama at his word? If he says he’s going to “curb Russian aggression” – you know, like one might curb one’s rather-too-aggressive dog – and get up in Putin’s face, is he lying? When he solemnly pledges to go after the Iranians if they insist on deterring Israel’s nukes with an arsenal of their own, is he speaking in Pig-Latin?

The common assumption of these letter-writers is that Obama is just trying to “pass,” so to speak, as a warmonger. Once he’s in office, peace will break out all over. What evidence do we have for this? None whatsoever.


via Making Excuses for Obama- by Justin Raimondo

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8 thoughts on “Making Excuses for Obama by Justin Raimondo

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  2. wohoo, looks like obama really know how to roll back the “the psychotic, pathological militaristic US foreign policy”

    oh that’s right. he’s not and never was. he is just a part of the international socialist movement to fuse governments so they can continue to expand and finance their “psychotic, pathological militaristic US foreign” (read: international) policies.

    • Huh? Are you referring to NAFTA? I’m referring to illegal US wars (including the waste of the civil war, watered as it was with ‘the blood of patriots’ to no avail except to merge moral people with a bunch of mutant, inbred southern racists obsessed forever with their loss of their slaves.

      I didn’t vote for Obomba. But your posse invented the anti-civil-rights democrats, and now champion the anti-civil rights cult of the party of Lincoln. A confused bunch of militaristic miscreants the south comprises.

      So are southerners ‘patriots’, now that you’d equate Dale Erhardt with MLK? There seem to be about as much difference between Chomskyite ‘libertarians’ and Paulbotulism white nationalists as between genuine socialists and social democrats. Which all makes about as much sense as your yahoo cracker comment from cross-burning toothless Deliverance.

      Was this just another mockery of the bad deal descendants of slaves who built your ill-gotten extinct southern realm got at the behest of your white-robed red-stated cult of killers?

      Please explain.

      • natureboy

        i know you are really passionate about your views but, at least try to be consistent please.

        natureboy said: “But now the election is all about irrelevant subtleties in proposed tax-codes, when it should have been entirely a referendum on the psychotic, pathological militaristic US foreign policy.”

        so what’s all this chatter about taxes and racism?

        i like raimondo’s article.
        (and i have never lived in “the south”, as if it really matters)
        what do i need to explain?

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  5. The idea that a candidate needs to ‘pass’ as a warmonger to get elected in the USA is itself a profound judgment on the US populace.

    But now the election is all about irrelevant subtleties in proposed tax-codes, when it should have been entirely a referendum on the psychotic, pathological militaristic US foreign policy.

    It does matter to the safety of the world that Obama/Biden are less gung-ho militarists than Mcbomb/impalin, but apparently this is hardly what matters to the people, who apparently all have so much income in the ‘over $250k bracket’ that Obama represents a threat to their right to be rich.

    If anything identifies the bizarre cluelessness of the US populace, it’s this myth of upwardly-mobile working class wage-earners who see themselves as a great wave of mega-rich wannabes threatened by the rolling back of Bush tax cuts enjoyed only by the top 1% capitalist elite.

    But that’s what it comes down to in these last days, not a million Iraqi dead, not 4K soldiers sacrificed, not $3 trillion wars.

    There can now no longer be any question that the populace of the USA is fundamentally concerned only with money not morality.

    But more importantly, there can be no question that the legions of working people of the USA who will decide this thing are so incredibly stupid to believe that they would be negatively impacted by increases levied on Donald Trumps tax bracket, and that for this reason the election is so close when it should have been a landslide for anything but McBomb.

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