Barack Obama And Faith-Based Voting By Daniel Cioper

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Posted with permission from the author, thanks, Daniel.

By Daniel Cioper

I have come to the conclusion that the movement of Barack Obama’s candidacy is faith based. Not that Barack himself bases his decisions on faith, rather it is the voters who support him who base their vote for him on faith — faith in him that, if elected, he will act in a positive way for change and truth. However, while Senator he has done almost everything to appease the status-quo in Washington. He votes to fund the war every time, he votes for the renewal of the liberty-choking Patriot Act, he voted for the bailout, the telecom-immunity and on and on and on. So it is my opinion that if you don’t agree with these votes and you vote for Obama then you are betraying your principles (and the Constitution) or engaging in faith-based voting. There is this glare in the eyes of liberals and, well… Americans these days and I think it is no less than the look of a starving rabbit when presented with a carrot. They do not see the stick that it is dangling from because of the glare on the lens but it is there. Maybe we will get to eat it, but at what cost?

I find it curious that after seven years of rampant corruption, fascist overhauls, and inane but calculated misadventures abroad we get rewarded with a sensible progressive candidate. Even though we watched the constitution erode before our eyes and the expectations we hold dear that come with it, such as privacy from government spying, and simply went about our daily hum-drum (not all, but most of us), now as a reward for all that non-people power we get true change. Isn’t democracy in America nice and comfy?

Maybe Obama is going bring us renewed prosperity. I would hope that it’s not in a bubble, but it probably would be. Maybe he will restore some of the privacy from government spying that our constitution entitles us, but he hasn’t seemed to stand for that so far (And maybe you would accept an Obama government spying on you?). Maybe he will restore our standing in the world, but how does he stand on the usurious World Bank and the corporate greed-driven NAFTA. “So,” you say, “he can only do so much.” Ah, see now we’re doing that thinking and analysis thing and that’s not what American politics is about. We feel the candidate — with glossy eyes. And as long as Obama looks good and says sensible, passionate things with a smile and motivating cadence, people are going to fall in love because love means carrot. And even though the carrot moves forward each time they move forward, they are going to try it one more time, and on and on, because it is their hearts desire that they get that carrot. Seems rather harmless? Well, I ask you, where are we hopping to with that carrot on-a-stick on our back?

My main point is that if you think Barack Obama is going to change U.S. policy from what it has been consistently for the last fifty years, then it is based on your belief or hope in him as a person. And that’s fine — you could be right, but again; his U.S. Senate record doesn’t show it, and again; you are voting by faith, not evidence.

So, go progress! But what did we/will we sacrifice by letting the most criminal administration in American history serve out it’s full term for the purpose of electing Democrats? Please spare me your attempts at changing my mind. I’d be betraying my own intelligence and life experience to support this “lesser” of evils after all I’ve seen in the run-up to this election and the jaw-dropping, all-pervasive, atrocious seven years that preceded it.

At 29 now, I wasn’t very politically conscious during the Clinton years so my politically formative years are all of the Bush administration. Go figure. But I don’t want the Clinton years either. All things are connected and as we reap so shall we sow. So the karma of this country under Clinton is the same karma under Bush. When does good bring bad and bad bring good? Well, really, it’s that we are pirates. And it’s a jolly joy when the spoils are good but there is a big price to pay when the captain (whoever/wherever he is) and his savage crew need more.

These are the thoughts and conclusions I’ve come to with an open mind. I wanted to throw them out, not to change anyone’s mind but rather to put my beliefs in print at a time when a lot of our ideas are being challenged. I don’t withhold my opinions when it matters most and I hope this gives some hope to the people who expect more from the leaders of this world. I say: Don’t vote thinking some magical transformation will take place in the person where there is no evidence — only vague promises and perceived potential. Vote for the person based on their ideas, now and always. Vote for Ralph Nader because he is one of the wisest statespersons this country has to offer. He is for getting U.S. forces and corporations out of Iraq immediately. He is for an even-handed approach to the Israel-Palestine conflict, not, as Obama is, for an undivided Jerusalem for Isreal. He is for universal not-for-profit single payer health care. He is for the re-institution of Habeas Corpus and the Constitution.

See we know what we need. How do we get there if our votes betray this?


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