Indonesia + Petraeus plans more border raids + Syria + Ireland

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3 November 2008

Westerners warned over travel to Indonesia ahead of Bali executions

By Thomas Bell, South East Asia Correspondent
Last Updated: 9:26AM GMT 03 Nov 2008
Daily Telegraph, 3 November 2008

British, Australian and US citizens have been warned about travelling to Indonesia as the country prepares to execute three men responsible for the 2002 Bali bombings.

Amid fears of revenge attacks, Australia has advised its citizens against all travel to the south-east Asian country.

In London, the Foreign Office said that British citizens should exercise caution and be villigent for political protests or any sign of violence.

The United States warned its citizens to “maintain a low profile”.



General David Petraeus plans more border raids

The Sunday Times
November 2, 2008

General David Petraeus, who took over last week as the new head of Central Command with responsibility for America’s wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, is a fervent adherent of the newly expanded American strategy of self-defence.


via General David Petraeus plans more border raids – Times Online


Iraqi city calls for US raids on Syria

By Damien McElroy in Mosul
Last Updated: 8:48AM GMT 03 Nov 2008

The US must launch a widespread offensive against Syria to have any hope of taking control of al-Qaeda’s last bastion in Iraq, it has been claimed.

Officials in Iraq’s third largest city, Mosul, have warned the terrorists will not be defeated until the border is secured.

Iraq has deployed extra troops, including two brigades of the paramilitary National Police, into the battle for the northern Sunni Arab city, but the effort has been handicapped by widespread infiltration of the security forces by terrorist sympathisers.

Dureid Kashmula, the provincial governor, said: “One of the reasons that al-Qaeda is so strong here when security is improving across Iraq is that the terrorists can come across the border.


via Iraqi city calls for US raids on Syria – Telegraph (plus video)


Questions raised over Syrian complicity in US raid

by Marie Colvin and Uzi Mahnaimi
The Sunday Times
November 2, 2008

Video: Syrian minister criticises US raid

Syria has denounced a US strike on its territory but sources say Damascus secretly backed the raid

The 38-year-old farmer was watering his maize in the scrubby vastness of eastern Syria when four Black Hawk helicopters swooped in low over the palm trees, heading from the border with Iraq formed by the Euphrates River.

It was late afternoon. The light was fading and the chill of the desert winter night was setting in. The helicopters, following their leader in a disciplined arc, hovered just above the one-storey concrete and mud homes of the village of Sukariyeh before the attack began.


via Questions raised over Syrian complicity in US raid – Times Online


Syria talks meant to pressure Iran

by Herb Keinon, Jerusalem Post, 2 November 2008

Prime Minister Ehud Olmert’s intention to push forward indirect talks with Syria three months before the country goes to the polls is motivated by a desire to keep the heat on Iran, Western diplomatic sources said Sunday.

According to the sources, the Turkish-mediated indirect talks between Syria and Israel have caused a degree of concern in Teheran, with the Iranian leaders not completely sure about which direction Damascus was headed.

Israel has made clear that any peace agreement with Syria would necessitate a dramatic downgrading of Syria’s currently very close ties with Iran.

“Inertia in the Israeli-Syrian talks helps Iran,” the sources said. “The indirect talks help isolate Iran.”



Barzani: Kurdistan will allow US bases

Press TV
Sun, 02 Nov 2008 18:03:56 GMT

Iraq’s Kurdistan region says it will provide the US with military bases if Baghdad refuses to sign a security deal with Washington.

“All attempts are going on right now to sign the pact, but if the pact is not signed and if the US asks to keep their troops in Kurdistan, I think the parliament, the people and government of Kurdistan will welcome this warmly,” Massud Barzani, the president of the local government of Iraq’s Kurdistan was quoted by a local newspaper as saying on Sunday.


via Press TV – Barzani: Kurdistan will allow US bases


Brown claims victory over Gulf financial plan

By James Tapsfield, PA
Sunday, 2 November 2008

Gordon Brown claimed victory today in his bid to get Gulf states to pump more money into struggling economies.

After talks in Saudi Arabia, the Prime Minister said he believed the kingdom and other oil-rich countries would agree to up their contribution to the IMF.

Mr Brown has insisted that the fund’s emergency reserves need to be expanded by hundreds of billions of dollars.

There are fears that its current level of 250bn dollars (£156bn) will not be enough to help states threatened by the global economic downturn. Iceland, Hungary and Ukraine have already been allocated some 30bn dollars (£18.6bn), with Pakistan expected to follow suit by requesting aid.


via Brown claims victory over Gulf financial plan – UK Politics, UK – The Independent


Thousands March to Show No! Welcome 4 State mUrDeRers!

by Youth 4 Truth – Ógra Shinn Féin
Indymedia Ireland
Sunday November 02, 2008 16:32

Thousands of people turned out to the Sinn Fein rally/march today (Sun 2 Nov) which opposed the ‘home coming’ parade by the notorious RIR regiment of the British Army.

There was a large Ógra Shinn Féin presence on the day, with young republicans travelling from across Ireland.

The rally/march was calling for an end to the ongoing illegal occupations in Ireland, Iraq, and Afghanistan and also to demand the truth for the hundreds of families who have been bereaved through the official British state policy of collusion and state murder. The UDR/RIR themselves where part and parcel of the murder machine.


via Thousands March to Show No! Welcome 4 State mUrDeRers! – Indymedia Ireland (plus photos)


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