More Utility Bills Go Unpaid

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NOVEMBER 3, 2008

Consumers’ Economic Struggles Spur More Power Shutoffs as Firms Step Up Collections

Utilities are becoming more aggressive about collecting money from delinquent customers, leading to a surge in service shutdowns just as economic woes are pushing up the number of households falling behind on bills.

The utilities say they are under pressure to clean out accounts that are weighing down their books at a time when their stocks are being hammered and earnings growth has slowed.

Meanwhile, the increasing number of homes left without power — which could rise as economic pain deepens — is beginning to worry some consumer advocates and regulators.


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3 thoughts on “More Utility Bills Go Unpaid

  1. No kidding, libhomo. It’s absolutely obscene how the utility corporations can rake in so much money and so many people will be left in the darkness and cold. I’m afraid it’s going to get much worse in the near future, unfortunately.

    Suggestion: nationalize the utility companies. Yes, it’s Socialism.

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