Barack Obama’s Acceptance Speech Nov. 4, 2008

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Obama’s First Press Conference 11.07.08

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26 thoughts on “Barack Obama’s Acceptance Speech Nov. 4, 2008

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  4. Hate and fear is only what some know. Ignorance runs on a tank full of fear. We all see what it got McCain and yet some are determined that it be their fate also. To loose.

    Obama is what many of you wish you were. Somebody doing something positive with their life. Many are jealous but are hiding it behind a veil.

    Darkness and light cannot dwell together. Choose which one you want and the other will leave.

  5. My son is ten months old. He is too half black and half white. His mama is a direct distant grandchild of Meriweather Louis, (Louis and Clark Expedition) and his Daddy is a native son of Trinidad and Tobago. Today, I know my son can be anything he desires to be in life. Today, we walk down the street and he is accepted. Today, his life isn’t set in stone. Although, I personally didn’t vote for Obama, I have no hesitations to support him as our President. I pray for his walk, and I pray God will use his position for His Glory.

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  9. i can’t begin to understand the negative energy and insularity emmitted from some of your comments!…you all should be ashamed of yourselves! this man has done extraordinary things…far more than half of you ever will or ever aspire to do and to down-play this like its nothing JUST BECAUSE HE’S BLACK! i am truly disgusted by you all! i am from one of the so-called “third world countries” where ethnic, racial and religious diversity is accpeted. hell even welcomed and to see you all calling yourselves americans, citizens of “the gratest country in the world”!! i cant even begin to express the disgust i feel toward your hypocritical! insular! racist! comments…HE’S THE FIRST BLACK!!! PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA (YES THE ONE YOU! BELONG TO) AND BY GOD’S WILL HE WOULD NOT BE THE LAST!!! SUCK IT UP AN STOP BEING SO IGNORANT…!

  10. We have had 8 painful years with many policies that did not work for the best interest of the nation.

    Now we have a new president.

    We are Americans, we face hard times ahead.

    Gird up the loins of your mind and join with your neighbors and fellow citizens.

    Let’s work together and do our best.

    God help and guide us in Jesus name. Amen.

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  16. A historic and amazing time in history.
    On Nov 4, 2008 we elected Barack Obama.
    A Mullato Black man from Hawaii.
    Both parents where not always around.
    Both parents died young.
    Grandparents raised him, and his grandmother
    died the day before he won the biggest election of our life.
    Against all the odds. He persevered.
    Believed in himself.
    Educated himself, and went without.
    Lived in South Chicago to learn about his community.
    Never stopped, or gave up.
    He was the first Black President at Harvard.
    He is an American.
    He reached out across racial lines, bridging the gap
    between the ages. We have now been propelled into the future,
    and we have now experienced a country just transforming itself.
    Thank you to all the Americans who voted.
    Take enormous pride in your actions.
    We fighted for our positions.
    We have made our choice.

    It’s now time to come together.

    Bobbi Miller-Moro

  17. Same here, Gary. And you have to give it to him for running a very good campaign, unlike Kerry and Gore before him. Gee, McCain’s campaign was built around hate, fear, and guilt by association. McCain should be ashamed of himself for the truly disgusting campaign he ran.

  18. the only real historical significance is that America just voted in the official hand-picked leader of the post-modern coup.

    its hitler 2.0, and he’s black!

  19. He may believe he’s my president, but I will not accept him until he proves himself. I don’t believe anything that comes out of his mouth and it take a lot to change that.

  20. I don’t support him but you can’t deny the historical significance of this moment.

    Like when Virginia elected America’s first Black governor 19 years before this. 😉

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