With Ralph Nader on Election Night + Nader speaks on an Obama presidency

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Just in from the Nader campaign:

NEWS FLASH: Ralph has a cameo appearance on Conan O’Brien tonight. Check the Late Night website or your local listings for air time information.


I was in DC for Election night. The district voted something like 94% for Obama- the city was one big party.

I was at a much smaller party- with Ralph:
Interview with Ralph Nader, Election Night, 2008
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With Ralph Nader on Election Night


Ralph Nader speaks on an Obama presidency


As Obama prepared to deliver his acceptance speech, Presidential candidate Ralph Nader joined The Real News in their DC Studio.




Ralph Nader asks if Barack Obama will be an Uncle Tom

malus1203 on Nov 4, 2008


transcript of Fox News with Ralph Nader


Barack Obama’s Acceptance Speech Nov. 4, 2008

Election Returns (links) + Obama wins + McCain Concession Speech

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7 thoughts on “With Ralph Nader on Election Night + Nader speaks on an Obama presidency

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  5. I understand where Nader is coming from and at the same time , this country is not ready.
    If we were in a state in which people , the average people were ready to take up arms and get bloody
    against the high tech police /army force that we are up against ,if the average person had the technology to realistically fight this
    we might be able to entertain Nader and his idiology,but we are not.

    Also, Nader is a millionaire who has put stock into a lot of corporations he has railed against.
    He needs to come clean with this.

    My feelings about Nader are that he cannot stand losing.
    He is ego first and I am sick of hearing him speak.

    A man of his intelligence could be using the gift more wisely.

    His Uncle Tom comments were deplorable!

    Talk about a man who is out of touch.

    He has already determined himself as one who will not be invited,maybe if he would change he is strategy he would make himself more welcome.

    Let’s hope he is able to make the shift.

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