False “Uncle Tom” Anger

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Ralph Nader did not call Barack Obama an “Uncle Tom.” He said that Obama has a choice of whether or not he wants to be one for the corporations who really control Washington.

The difference is subtle, but it is everything.

The underlying point Nader was trying to make has nothing to do with race. It has to do with whether or not the man who was just elected to be our president will actually have the cojones to stand up to corporate power on behalf of the people who gave him his new job.

Also: All those who think Ralph Nader is just some cranky old egomaniac who does nothing but run for president and write books really need to get a better grip on history.

He has done far more for the people of this country in his public life than most of the people of this country realize.


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10 thoughts on “False “Uncle Tom” Anger

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  2. People need to chill. Nader is not white any more than Jews are.

    The situation is not Nader’s fault nor Barack’s. The real issue is that Barack, in order to barely squeek into office despite the horrors of the neocons, had to ban Rev. Wright, who was RIGHT.

    Goddamn America.

    Its a racist bunch of bigots from its very inception, and pointing out that anyone of color needs to be ‘driving miss daisy’ to get into office is hardly a falsehood. Let’s be honest about our history before attacking reality for what it is.

    You can be sure that Obama is grateful for Nader, and that’s what counts. They are both working hard behind the scenes to deal with the majority of red-state rednecks who hate everyone and everything that isn’t gun-toting, greedomingering, godfearing and and country-club-colored.

    Let’s give Barack a chance, and acknowledge the importance of Nader’s selfless contribution to us all, which is far in excess in terms of time and history than Barack’s entire career, all due respect.

    Splitting hairs over the failure of progressive politics is exactly what the Hannitys want.

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  4. I don’t think Nader is racist, sexist or homophobic. But the longer he waits to apologize, the more he shreds his credibility. Anyone can make a mistake. No one needs to cling to it, once it’s been made.

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  6. Nader has been racist, sexist, and homophobic for years. None of this is knew. Have people forgotten his long political alliance with Pat Buchanan?

    Nader set back progressive politics for years by running himself instead of supporting the Green Party ticket. That egomaniacal bigot has no shame.

  7. Nader shouldn’t have used the phrase “Uncle Tom”. He should apologize. But it’s plain he didn’t mean it as a racist comment and I don’t think he’s a racist. But, in my opinion, no one should defend his use of that phrase, least of all him. Nader needs to apologize and move on.

  8. Of course it has something to do with race. It describes a Black man who is subsurvient to corporate interests. Nader was of course right to call Barack Obama out on this which is why Fox news smeared him. This is the same Fox News that implied Obama was a “racist” for his association with Jeremiah Wright. I don’t buy Shepard Smith’s feigned “disgust” and niether should anyone else.

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