Mumia Abu-Jamal on Pres. Barack Obama

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Dr. Donny on Nov 7, 2008

from Flashpoints on KPFA

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    “…change this country, and change the world!” – Barack Obama

    “He is a transformational figure coming onto the world stage”- Colin Powell

    History sometimes hits a high note, sweet and soaring, clean and clear, as if from Satchmo’s horn. The most intelligent, interesting and inspirational of contemporary political personalities is about to be the President of the most powerful nation on the planet.

    Things will never be the same again. Obama will “electrify the world” predicted Colin Powell. Obama’s achievement, in and of itself, already changes the world; is a step forward in sociopolitical achievement. No country however idiosyncratic or culturally narcissistic can live outside the stream of world history. This is the more so in the Information Age— the era of “interconnectivity” as Obama terms it. The Obama Effect will be globalized, albeit unevenly. We shall all feel its push and pull factor.

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    [Dayan Jayatilleka, PhD, Senior Lecturer in Politics at the University of Colombo is currently Sri Lanka’s Ambassador and Permanent Representative to the United Nations in Geneva. These are his strictly personal views].

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