What Do People Who Want Change Do Now?


by Guadamour
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Nov. 7, 2008

What Do The People Who Want Change Do Now That Barack Obama Has Been Elected President?

The world is rejoicing with the USA.  They are thrilled at the end of the Bush Regime, and are uplifted that the United States seems to finally thrown off it’s racist past.

Everyone wishes Mister Obama well.   This young erudite, educated man of color has spoken of change.   The United States of America and the world is ready and anxious for change.

Fewer men if anyone has come to the presidency with less experience than President elect Obama.   It can also be said that few men have come to this office and confronted more problems and extreme crises that will not only impact the USA for years to come, and will have huge influence on which way the entire world moves.  Everyone is hoping that President Obama is up to the challenges he faces.

Progressives who have supported Obama are now looking at the reality of the appoints that he is considering for key cabinet positions and coming to the realization that change, if any, is going to be minimal.

The stark facts of politics as usual are starting to stare everyone interested in changing the direction the country seems to be head towards.   The Constitutionalists, the Libertarians, the Progressives, they all have their visions as to what they believe is right for the country.   They share more points of agreement than have divergent ideas.   They all wonder how this country has set on a course so far removed from what it was founded under.

How can they change things?

According to the book, Declaring Independence, 60 to 80% of the population is dissatisfied with the direction the country seems to be headed, and they think the two party system is not working.

It is obvious that the country needs a viable third or fourth  political party.   That the third parties that exist are splintered, and detract from one another more than they take away from the entrenched and thoroughly corrupt two-party system, blatantly obvious.

How did this conservative narrow-minded blindered view that has taken over US politics come into being?

It all started on the local level, and if change, change for the better is going to happen in this country, it has to start locally!   It’s not going to happen with some smooth talking career politicians who talks of change, but does nothing to support his words by voting as he speaks.

It is two years until the next local election.   It is two years until all  the members of the House of Representative and a third of the US Senate are up for re-election.

Now is the time to get involved in those elections–not in two years time.   Now is when everyone has politics on their mind, and now is when the organizations are active and their infrastructure is at its best.

Everyone who wants honest real change has to get involved now to start it happening at the local level, electing more Bernie Sanders to the US Senate, more Ron Pauls, more Dennis Kuciniches to the US House of Representatives, and more mayors and members of state legislatures that actually support the views of their constituents.

The election is not really over.   It is just starting.   The real election for change is starting now.


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  2. This is right. The third party movement needs to focus on local elections. We need our own Howard Dean strategy, building a movement from the grassroots up, a movement that is wide and deep.

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