Bill Moyers Journal: Changing Times + Obama + Racism + Studs Terkel

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Bill Moyers Journal
Nov. 7, 2008

Moyers on Changing Times

A Bill Moyers essay on change and the new administration.

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Eric Foner and Patricia Williams

Bill Moyers sits down with Columbia University professor Eric Foner, who specializes in political and African-American history, and Patricia J. Williams, a professor of law at Columbia University.

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Kevin Phillips

Does Barack Obama’s victory mean a new and permanent political alignment in American politics? Bill Moyers speaks with Kevin Phillips about how America has changed since Phillips penned THE EMERGING REPUBLICAN MAJORITY 40 years ago.


Moyers: “The top one percent of households in this country saw their real income more than triple while the majority of labor of the labor force got virtually no increase at all in real wages over the last 35 years. How does the new administration turn that around?”

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Bill Moyers on Terkel and Leonard

Bill Moyers on Studs Terkel and John Leonard.

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