Frost over the World: Dennis Kucinich + James Baker

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Dennis Kucinich, a Democratic congressman and former presidential [candidate], and James Baker, the former US secretary of state, join the show to discuss the challenges facing Barack Obama, the US president-elect.

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2 thoughts on “Frost over the World: Dennis Kucinich + James Baker

  1. Two new parties must be formed – libertarian to give current republicans an option and progressive to give democrats an option. This is where grassroots organizing needs to be for the next 4 years. i am soooo disappointed in obama’s pick for chief of staff, rahm emanuel. Based on his history, it seems that his main job as gatekeeper to obama will be keeping progressives -like Kucinich – from having their voices heard.

  2. Baker = classic concern troll. What’s tragic is that there’s a good chance that the new administration will listen to his siren song of “fear the left, fear the left!” If the Democratic Party listens to such trolling – and indications are that it will – then progressives in America need to start their own party.

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