How to Survive the Coming US Dollar Collapse By Christopher Laird

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By Christopher Laird
Nov 7, 2008

Now that the US election is over, we get to think about the Future. And, no matter how you look at it, the entire world, the West particularly, is in for tough sledding financially.

First, we will continue to battle an emerging economic slowdown. Then, later, we will be battling world currency instability – we already have signs of this now.

Even though gold and commodities have taken a big hit because of a general liquidation in everything, there is one thing none of us should lose sight of, and that is what happens when the USD finally lets go.

Why the USD is presently rallying

Just because the USD happens to be rallying now (with weekly fluctuations) does not mean that its fate is not bleak. There are many reasons the USD is rallying right now. They include flight to cash in general during market liquidations in all areas, but also cash hoarding because businesses cannot roll over the short term credit they use to do payrolls and ongoing operations. Then we have the usual end of year cash surge for businesses and financial institutions. Then of course there is flight to the USD for safety, and then finally, other countries currencies are adjusting to the slowing world economy, and the once hot foreign markets are cooling and there is lots of money moving out of the ‘emerging’ markets.

But, we are going to be facing two particular problems in 09 that none of us is really used to, that we really have never seen. The world is going to have a severe recession bordering on an economic depression. Essentially no one alive today knows what that is like. Only the oldest of us have lived through that experience.

But then, on top of that, at some point later the USD will finally collapse. This is not something way way out there in the future. This issue is becoming a near term threat.


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  6. This is some really bad news. Only this time I think we need to heed. It sounds plausible.

    Let us plan for the worst. Read up on how people survived the great depression, plant permaculture gardens, ten years is a long time for commerce to collapse. Nobody is now prepared as they were then, when people still knew how to grow food.

    This is sad, we had an amazing chance to create an amazing society and unprecedented funds to do it, instead we squandered all on wars and greed. The people did this to themselves.

    So be it. We will ‘survive’, as the impoverished in the third world has all this time, but it was so unnecessary.

    If anything good can come of this, it will be the stripping away of the arrogance of the electorate. We did resolve a major myth: Prosperity did not beget enlightenment, it only made everything worse and more selfish and more violent, abusive and arrogant and selfrighteous.

    Let’s just hope we don’t need a world war to drag us out of this one (never forget that FDR’s new deal didn’t work, and neither will Obama’s).

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