Undercover cops were among the unruly at DNC

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By Felisa Cardona
The Denver Post

When a Jefferson County deputy deployed pepper spray into a crowd during the first night of the Democratic National Convention, he did not know that his targets were undercover Denver police officers.

During a melee that occurred Aug. 25 between protesters, police and bystanders near Civic Center Park, undercover Denver detectives staged a struggle with a police commander in order to get out of the crowd undetected.

A Jefferson County deputy, unaware of the presence of undercover police, thought that the commander was being attacked and deployed the pepper spray, according to a police use-of-force report obtained by the American Civil Liberties Union of Colorado.

The report does not say whether the pepper spray used on the undercover police officers was the first deployment or whether the melee already was underway.


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  4. …”to Serve and Protect”… that is the motto, but to serve and protect whom or what is the Question?
    is it,
    Liberty ?
    Justice ?
    Tranquility ?
    General Welfare ?
    Prosperity ?
    The Constitution ?
    Bill of Rights ?
    Compliance and/or Obedience ?

    If the tables were turned, and the ralliers sprayed, beat, horse trodden ed the “peace” officers, the rallies would of been imprisoned. The Public would have a sense of Justice.
    Since the peace officer’s “felt threatened”, violent brutal force was “Authorized”, w/o fear of retribution nor penalty.
    The Public see’s no Justice, for “Criminal Incitement to riot” regardless of whom the inciters are.
    No Justice, No Peace.
    When Peace is meet with brutal force, there is no Peace, only brutally forced submission. The choice is your’s.

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