End The FED: November 22, 2008

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They need your support! If you can not attend please donate to keep this movement going in the right direction.
Help, end the Federal Reserve.

For Details go to: http://www.endthefed.us

To Donate go here: http://endthefeddc.chipin.com/end-the…

The Federal Reserve Bank
is the Cause of our
Financial and Economic Crisis!

Rally to Support Sound Money for America!

Every Fed Bank. Every Fed Office.
Thirty-Nine Cities. One Purpose.


This is a public service announcement provided by the Stop Fascism Action Network ( SFAN ) Please join us at http://www.StopFascism.com

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How to Survive the Coming US Dollar Collapse By Christopher Laird

Can Obama Stop the Bush Admin’s Final Economic Heist? + The New Trough by Naomi Klein

Will the US default on its foreign debt? Interview with Michael Hudson

Federal Reserve

The Economy Sucks and or Collapse


6 thoughts on “End The FED: November 22, 2008

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  5. Tax Donkay’s, U owe $35+K, so what ya got to pay off this debt?
    House, land, car, jewerly, U’rself, U’r children, U’r Grandchildren, what ? ?
    Slaves, gays, trans-genders, veterans, soldier’s, prostitutes, “gang-bangers”, poor, “other’s”, “middle-class-used-to-be’s, foreclosed, fooled, un and educated, we’re in this together. Re either get together and “demand” social reforms, a sense of real justice and liberty, or we fall to this new “Law and Order” form of economic disaster.
    The C.P.I.{Continual Prison Influx} is Up. Invest in prison traded stocks, for incarceration is the new designer product.
    Can’t pay, thats Ok, U’ll just have to stay-n-stay.

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