Ralph Nader’s Statement on the Truncated Quotation Used by Shepard Smith on Fox News

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Updated: here’s the transcript

by Ralph Nader
Ralph Nader for President in 2008
Nov. 7, 2008

Fox talk show host Shepard Smith repeated my question that was posed for Senator Barack Obama in an interview with Fox radio station KTRH Houston but deleted the last several words after giant corporations. The full question posed to Senator Obama that is his to answer in the coming months was as follows:

“He is our first African American president; or he will be. And we wish him well. But his choice, basically, is whether he’s going to be Uncle Sam for the people of this country, or Uncle Tom for the giant corporations who are running America into the ground.”

Click this Hipcast link for audio of the entire interview.

Anyone who has worked in the areas of civil rights, economic justice, and health and safety over the decades knows that whenever minority candidates are elected to legislative offices, their minority constituents remain wary regarding whether the entrenched power structures are affecting these self-avowed representatives, or whether the reverse is occurring – that is, they are standing up to the corporate supremacists. All political pioneers have to answer this question as they move into these positions of trust. Unfortunately, as many people of color – struggling through the day in often desperate circumstances – know from the lessons of history, there are more than a few times when they are let down by a surrender to the rich and powerful – an obeisance that has its vernacular. Let us all hope that this will not happen. Tens of millions of Americans await what actually does happen. Everyone, as alert citizens, should strive to make sure that courses of action are taken that put people first and finally make corporations our servants and not our masters.


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9 thoughts on “Ralph Nader’s Statement on the Truncated Quotation Used by Shepard Smith on Fox News

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  2. Hey, are we so simply minded that we can’t understand what Ralph Nader meant?
    It is getting to the point where we only hear sound bites. We don’t even listen to the whole meal.

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  4. Pres. Elect Obama stand up for “We the People..” all, or Kow-Tow to the Corporate Criminal Complex’s that are ruinig this country, that is what Mr. Nader meant.
    A spade is a spade, a club is a club, a diamond is a diamond, but the Heart, is a Necessity.
    Pres. Elcet Obama, show us you have the Heart to stand up for the down trodden ed poor, we’re suffering also.

  5. Epppie, There’s no reason for Ralph to apologize. Anyone who’s listening to what he said knows what he was talking about. What disgusts me are all the people who just hear “Uncle Tom” and get offended. Just like Shepard Smith wanted them too.

  6. Bad choice of words! Sorry Ralph, I am white and I find that statement to be very offensive, Man up and apologize. Everyone makes Gaffes, so now would be a great time to get a little extra air or print time and clarify what you meant.

  7. Jesus, Ralph, please apologize already. I know you’re not a racist, but you should not have used that phrase. I understand the point you were making, but you still shouldn’t have used the phrase. Just apologize, and explain what you meant, but apologize. It’s simple, it’s good for you, it doesn’t hurt anybody and it will give you one more chance to get your real message across.

    You speak to the media a lot. So you made a mistake. Apologize and move on.

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