What Obama win means + Obama and global security with Jonathan Schell

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Jonathan Schell: The election of Obama says something about Americans


Obama and global security

Obama has echoed a hard line against Iran; will his actual policy be a break with Bush? J. Schell Pt 2/2


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November 10, 2008
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The key to the highway

President-elect Obama has promised “we’ll get there” – Here are some of the challenges he faces

Florida is the case study of how the Obama campaign won the 2008 election. Now comes the hard part for “visionary minimalist” and pragmatist Barack Obama. As the leader and spokesman of a new generation, will the new president mobilize his online grassroots army to innovate in governing; will he settle for a more conservative Clinton 3 mandate, or will he mix both approaches? Pepe Escobar argues that to help him succeed, everyone in America and around the world has to behave as a critical intellectual. Obama has to bridge the gulf not only between black and white but between red and blue and rich and poor – facing tremendous challenges in the financial and foreign policy fronts. “Our climb,” as the President-elect admitted in his acceptance speech, will indeed be long.



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