The People Sang–U.S. History and the Obama Victory

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This video may contain images depicting the reality and horror of war/violence and should only be viewed by a mature audience.


A journey through U.S. history, from the American Revolution to the Obama victory, set to a November 4, 2008 impromptu recording of the The People Sang, written and performed by John Caelan. The compilation was created by John, reflecting his intended meaning of the song verse by verse: We don’t need a new revolution; we’re in the one that never ends.

[Sorry video is no longer available.]


The Obama Conundrum: Progress and Protest in the Face of Reality by John Caelan

America Has Already Changed by William Cox

5 thoughts on “The People Sang–U.S. History and the Obama Victory

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  2. I appreciate your comments, Natureboy, and agree with most of it. The People Sang isn’t intended to endorse President-elect Obama, simply recording history as it unfolds. That is, for better or worse, how the people sang this time around.

    To understand my personal take on the Obama administration, may I invite you to read this article; here is an excerpt and perhaps Lo will be gracious enough to post to Dandelion as well.

    The Obama Conundrum: Progress and Protest in the Face of Reality

    The Bush Administration has nearly passed into the annals of apologetic history. One might imagine that these last hours of despot rule are akin to the tedious torture of water boarding, wherein the perpetrator promises the end is nigh but the anguished prisoner will not believe it until the torment stops and they are returned to the relative comfort of their urine-soaked bed mat.

    As King George secures the stratagem for the chosen elite, President-elect Barack Obama gears up for what may be either a pivotal resuscitation of our failing Nation or the final liquidation of a country that has choked to death on the constant torrent of its own hypocrisy.

    Waiting in the wings, like oh-so-many children anticipating the elves’ declaration of Santa’s arrival, the pundits, protestors, and progressives stand with baited breath, scrolls of hopeful wish-lists dangling to the ground. Obama and his developing staff most assuredly are fortifying their flanks, readying their resolve for the inevitable onslaught of subterfuge that will attempt to render this new Executive impotent within days of the Inauguration. However, it may be those lingering in the wings, invited guests and welcomed constituents, who present the greater distraction to Obama over the first year of his Presidency.

    The Obama Conundrum: Progress and Protest in the Face of Reality by John Caelan

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  4. Of course its historic, but only because the history of amerigaah stinks.

    I guess I’m jaded, we’ve had African-descended officials before in this recent generation, and it’s not panned out any better than Idi Amin nor Charles Taylor (not having anything to do with ethnicity, of course, EU people are perhaps the most contemptible at horrific abusive antics, aided and abetted by the individual troops and citizens who make the criminal choice to support them, without whom they’d stand alone…).

    People are WAY too dependent on this young man with a knack for public oratory. We are in the huge failed-capitalist hole, he can’t dig us out any time soon & expecting him to is setting us up for disappointment.

    I just despise the way people ‘believe’ in ‘heroes’. It’s not Barack’s fault, nor is any sort of inspired ‘genius’ nor ‘charismatic’ leader nor ‘belief’ in same gonna rescue industrial capitalism. This can’t be fixed by Messiah fixations.

    Barack is a young man my age, not even old men Paulson & Bernanke, nor (least of all) Greenspan have any clue, and those guys lived and breathed finance for centuries.

    It’s greeat ‘re sorta a bit beyond race (for now), but it’s not nearly enough to deal with the sole reason Barack beat McBomb: the impromptu 11th hour (and two months too soon) collapse in ill-gotten amerigoon affluence.

    Obama is no Oracle of Omaha (and not even Buffet has a clue here).

    This entire theory of industrial capitalism based on the short-term boost from the Last Hours of Ancient Sunlight (almost all burned by us in a century of greed, but which was only begat at over 300 million years of birth, death growth and decay), is now a completely disproved and deflated lifestyle (as it should be).

    People need to stop counting on Barack to ‘bail out’ the world, and look instead to the prior admin; indict, impeach, jail and LEARN, and then give Barack a break, because he’s not only NOT sent by divine spirits to deliver us from Depression, but it’s OUR fault for believing in a greed-based religion of bogus, corrupting comforts, and it’s our responsibilty to DEAL WITH IT!.

    We’re gonna all be poor now, but worse things happen. We created this 3-generation suburban myth via industrial warfare and abusive greed, but this is the life we’ve willed upon the world for decades, for our ill-gotten prosperity, and it’s time the chickens came home to roost (and many millions live in-house with their chickens on a dollar-a-day in this world, in shacks, if they’re lucky, while we here expect to live only with our flat-screens and puppy-mill lap-breeds while we sip Manhattans).

    Let’s stop ‘believeing’ in Barack the Savior, and deal with the fact that we’re all gonna be ‘negroes’ now, and maybe that’s not such a bad thing.

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