Cafferty: Should Dems Investigate Bush After He Leaves

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From the Cafferty File. Jack’s question is whether it’s a good idea for Democrats to being investigations of the Bush Administration after he leaves office.

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6 thoughts on “Cafferty: Should Dems Investigate Bush After He Leaves

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  3. Depends on what they have, what I believe they have is information that Bush was involved with the CIA in 9/11, the perpetrators the Al Qaeda’s operatives who high jacked the planes where all on the CIA payroll, and Bush had signed off on the treasonous acts.

    Additionally, this was just one stage in a conditioning program to take over our country from within. No question, if you look at the attempt to hi jack five nuclear weapons from the Air Force was also part of the conspiracy. Additionally, they have been planning the take over of our country for decades, no question, the USS Cole, the Marines in Beirut was all part of the conditioning.

    The CIA payments to Saddam to invade Kuwait was all part of this conspiracy. In my mind George Bush has done nothing less than high treason. We will see what Barack Obama will do about this, but look at what Obama is doing with his appointments, we have gone from one criminal organization to another. None of you ever really believed that Obama was not involved in organized crime did you being from Chicago the headquarters of the mob.

  4. The Dumbcrats will do nothing. It’s all window dressing. They are the flip side of the same coin. If anything ever is going to change, we need a new political party–one that cannot be bought.

  5. I agree, it’s more about the precedent than about being vindictive. Honestly, I could care less at this point if Bush fades into obscurity without ever getting his slap on the wrist. But what scares me is the thought of this being used in the future to justify & legitimize similar crimes.

  6. I liked the last two comments.

    Of course they should be investigated, but something tells me they will get away with it all.

    But this idea that you shouldn’t investigate because it will appear petty, vindictive and drive a wedge, etc. is like taking impeachment off the table. It didn’t work, the dems almost lost anyway (amazingly), and refusing to hold them accaountable and expose the crimes will set a precedent for repeating them.

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