China trying to force 6-months pregnant woman to abort + Why Does the US Trade With China? by Lo

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By Tim Johnson
McClatchy Newspapers
November 14, 2008

BEIJING — A Muslim Uighur woman who’s more than six months pregnant remained under watch in a hospital in China’s far northwest Friday awaiting a forced abortion by authorities who don’t want her to have a third child.


Those who violate the rule must pay large fines, although reports of officials ordering forced abortions in rural and semirural areas are fairly common.

The case of Arzigul Tursun is raising attention because she’s 26 weeks pregnant and supporters say that an abortion could threaten her health. Her husband, who goes by the single name Nurmemet, said officials in their village near Yining learned of the pregnancy and warned the couple that their house and other property would be seized if Arzigul didn’t undergo an abortion.


China says its population would have swelled far more if 400 million abortions hadn’t been performed in the past three decades.

via McClatchy Washington Bureau | 11/14/2008 | China trying to force 6-months pregnant woman to abort


Originally posted Dec. 02, 2006

Why Does the US Trade With China?

by Lo

This has bothered me for some time now and with Bush’s recent trip to China I’ve been thinking about this again. China’s number one birth control method is ABORTION. Isn’t that what the religious right is so adamantly against? I don’t understand it. If they were truly pro-life, they wouldn’t support this country. This is not the only reason to not trade with China but one that I can’t understand given the current administration and its base of supporters being so called Christians.


Abortion: Government’s Choice? by William Cox

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  3. Because they’re clinically insane hypocrites totally bereft of compassion. They’re also abysmally ignorant and totally self-centered. And these are just the first things that come to mind. Really, these self-righteous fundamentalist Christians are contra-indicated for the survival of the planet as they pray and wait for Armaggeddon. They should be “aborted”.

  4. Why do you think that fundamental Christianity should “exert its influence … in American politics…”?

    Why do those who say they are pro-life purchase items made in China, instead of boycotting them?

  5. Unfortunately, I think that true fundamental Christianity is either dwindling or is not exerting its influence enough in American politics (or in culture in general). On the other hand, America can’t solve its own reliance on abortion so who are we to judge China?

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