Bhutto didn’t mean to say “Osama bin Laden”

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“If the Taliban are eliminated, or if their poster-boy Osama bin Laden is caught” – Benazir Bhutto June 9, 2007…


October 2007, NEW YORK – Benazir Bhutto, Pakistan’s former prime minister, said in an interview that she would cooperate with the American military in targeting Osama bin Laden.

Bhutto told BBC America, in an interview scheduled to air last night, that she would accept US assistance in the event they discovered the whereabouts of the Al Qaeda leader, but that she would prefer to have the Pakistani military execute the strike.

“If there is overwhelming evidence, I would hope that I would be able to take Osama bin Laden myself without depending on the Americans,” Bhutto last week during the taping. “But if I couldn’t do it, of course we are fighting this war together and would seek their cooperation in eliminating him.”…

August 9 2007, Finance Wire, NBC

CURRY: So if you return to power, how would you face down al Qaeda and Osama bin Laden?

BHUTTO: Bin laden has evaded capture because the pursuit has not been hard enough. We have to have pursuit of al Qaeda, tall pan, consistently and persistently and not only when there`s pressure on us.

September 19 2007, National Public Radio

INSKEEP: Are you saying that whoever is hiding Osama bin Laden would cooperate with you to track him down?

Ms. BHUTTO: No, they would not cooperate with me. They would try to stop me. I think the people who are hiding Osama bin Laden are dead scared of democracy. They’re frightened that now President Bush and the United States and the world community is calling for elections, they’re doing that best to find some pretext by which they can get the elections postponed, because the people who are hiding Osama bin Laden know it would be very difficult for them to do that if democracy brings the Pakistan People’s Party back to government under my leadership.



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Greta Van Susteren: The two big issues Americans think of when they think of Pakistan, one is you have nuclear weapons and that’s always, you know, terrifying, you know when a country has unrest – you have nuclear weapons and the other is Osama bin Laden, we know – we suspect that he is hiding out in the northern part of Pakistan or that he is being hidden out there. Is Musharraf doing everything he can to protect your nuclear weapons? And number two, is he doing everything he can to help the United States in its war on terrorism?

Benazir Bhutto: Well, I think Osama bin Laden must be rubbing his hands with glee as he looks at what’s happening in Pakistan and how there is civil unrest in the country, how large parts of the tribal areas have fallen under the sway of his supporters as have parts of the frontier province and now they are moving into yet another state known as the northern area. And what’s frightening, Greta, is that they seem to have tons of money and they’re hiring poverty stricken people from Pakistan and they’re hiring poverty stricken people from nearby Uzbekistan.

Vodpod videos no longer available.


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  5. Hi I still dont believe that RP has presented ANY new that wasnt around when I posted the original video. I could believe Bhutto mispoke if it hadnt been for the mass cover up and censorship in the Mainstream Media.

    BTW Dandelion, thanks for linking my orignal Video

  6. Alive or dead, catching Bin Laden is no reason to further unilaterally invade Afghanistan. We’ve had 5 years, long enough of an opportunity to terrorize the Afghanis in our ‘war on terror’. It’s enough.

    Representative Press is mostly concerned with the truth, which is a good thing. But Bin Laden or not, the USA has done enough damage, its actions have turned Iraq and Pakistan/Afghanistan into a factory of demonic jihadists bent on retribution for our genuine warcrimes.

    It’s time for the USA to withdraw completely behind its borders, shut down all of its bases, pay reparations to those it’s devastated with its botched, ill-conceived militarism.

    It would not be surprising at all if the USA was in cahoots with Taliban, Al-Quaeda, Mujahadeen, etc. as they were in the past, everyone knows about the Bush’s and the Bin-Ladins. How after all could the USA excuse the Saudis and their genuinely evil, sexist, backward dictatorship if the neocons weren’t absolutely fine with Islamomaniacs so long as there’s petro-dollars to be gained?

    And we know who stands to gain from the war without end, Carlisle Group, Halliburton and now who gains from the resultant bailout of banks.

    Perhaps the conspiracy goes vastly further than 911, perhaps the ‘reichtag fire’, the ‘new pearl harbor’ of 911 was only the beginning of what looks like a vastly bigger caper, a far larger problem than Loose Change ever evidenced.

    Indeed one suspects it’s all a sham, a scam, they all got away with mass-murder and unprecedented theft, it’s we who are the fools.

    It’s important that the conspiracy theorists keep questioning 911, but also important not to pollute the people’s investigation with misguided ideas and misspoken words, and remain as rational as possible, as Representative Press here attempts to do. Otherwise it becomes just another ‘alien abduction’ myth in the minds of masses they seek to enlighten.

    In journalism, it’s not about who is free to believe what, it’s about exposing the truth, in evidence-based fashion–

    While one may want to believe Bhutto said Bin-Laden was dead (even as a pacifist, I’d not miss him too much, the wacko), hence the further farce of hunting him, or not– fact is everything is now far worse than it was after 911, which was already a horrible crime whomever did it, but no act of war.

    Our warlike response, attacking whole nations ostensibly in an effort to pre-emptively kill members of organizations Bush convinced the electorate were responsible, was a warcrime, an act of illegal international aggression outlawed by the Geneva Accords and the UN Charter–

    Imagine if the military went after the mob with laser-guided missiles and Daisy-Cutter bombs– would Chicago have put up with that without a fight?

    So unless we can arrest and try Bin Laden, bombing the smitherines out of Kandahar is not gonna solve anything regarding terrorism, 911, or the complicity of the CIA, Mossad, or the PNAC people. So one caveat to the evidence here presented that is important to present: Bin Laden or Not, USA OUT OF AFGHANISTAN!.

    What a mess. But there is no way to peace, peace is the way.

    And if we’re gonna go after anyone, it better be with a consortium of countries, equally interested in the pursuit of peace and justice (which means we now go after Bush First, as he’s a far worse mass-murderer than Bin-Laden could ever hope to be in his wildest fantasies of virgins and figs).

    This unilateral preemptive ‘coalition of the killing’ is now permanently proven to be a disaster far in excess of the original crime.

    But damn, I wish we could bring back the Bamiyan Buddha. It was so shocking the beheading of Daniel Pearl on video, but people had their warning when they witnessed the detonation of the largest, and most peaceful sculpture of stone ever created.
    What a mess. But now all the mosques of Baghdad lay in ruins. We are the Taliban to them.

  7. Just because there may have been complicity from US based entities concerning 9/11 does not mean bin Laden was not involved in any way. A lot of money got moved around immediately prior to the attacks that morning. Cantor Fitzgerald is one of the brokerage houses that deals with Federal Reserve funds and we will never know what moved through their NYC IT equipment the night before. The Saudis, UAE, Kuwait, Qatar, all are in this up to their eyeballs. Who are the bad guys? Follow the money, how much of it has gone straight to Dubai?

    Bhutto unfortunately was corrupt. CodePink was real big on her at first and even gave her a chapter in their book “Stop The Next War Now”, but she was corrupt and they distanced themselves from her after a while, although all were very sorry and angry that she was assassinated.

  8. First, I didn’t make the video. I also posted the original one with Bhutto saying “bin Laden” was dead and feel that maybe she did make an error when saying it, who knows, she’s dead. But Tom (representativepress) makes a good point and we should at least be aware of it.

    Ray didn’t explain himself very well is why I said I wasn’t following him.

    Whether or not there are fake bin Laden videos has nothing to do with this post. That’s another topic.

  9. Ray doesn’t agree with you regarding the subject of this video, and equates it with denial of the evidence supporting World Trade Center 7’s collapse by controlled demolition. WTC7 fell straight down into its own footprint on 9/11, at near free-fall speed. Look it up if you are interested. He also equates your view of Bhutto’s comments with supporting the obviously fake Bin Laden videos that have been released over the past few years as being truly Bin Laden. Search for “fake Bin Laden videos” to see what he’s talking about.

  10. OK 2+2=5 What’s next WTC#7 didn’t fall like a casino being demolished !!I mean what luck it didn’t damage buildings right across the street!!!OH YEAH all those videos that was really Bin Laden in everyone of those!THANKS for your help but I’ll chose what to believe or what is TRUTH!!!

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