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The Daily Show

Bill O’Reilly thinks Barack Obama is a brilliant guy who ran the best campaign he’s ever seen anyone run.–1

Bill O’Reilly says there’s a foundation to America, and secular progressives want drastic change.–2

2 thoughts on “The Daily Show: Bill O’Reilly

  1. It’s the people’s fault.

    As long as the people are seduced by alpha-male imposters, hosts will need to cow-tow. On TV only Keitho takes on the tyrant regularly, for this he should be lauded (but will never get a billo interview).

    Amy Goodman, bless her heart, couldn’t make a dent in the likes of Lou Dobbs, so Kudos to Stewart for taking on the far greater evil of Billo.

    Colbert had the guts to go on Billo’s show and spoof him, but you could see he was more scared than when he roasted botch to his face.

    For whatever reason, Billo has had the power, and FOX is in over 50% of households, people still believe. It’s a bad culture, and whatever feeble efforts are made to make the red-stated ghouls feel foolish, the better.

    More power to anyone who can contest any element of the Billo’s the Limbaughs, the miserable Coultergeists that lead this cult of militaristic ignorant ghouls.

    But TV hosts have to be diplomatic– Stewart insulted Mathews with the ‘book interview from hell’ and you won’t likely see him back, so Jon hasta be diplomatic if the show goes on.

    The people of america love this hostile, anti-intellectual bloviated believer cult, which would not be so horrible (let them be stupid & poor, let them suffer, they vote against their best interest, it’s their own damn fault) except that now a million people got killed because of their belief in Billo’s preaching of the Bush Doctrine.

    Stewart has done what he can, and kept us laughing through the most horrible foreign policy of our nation since Vietnam, no small feat. It’s the people who failed to act and react.

    Blame not Stewart, he’s one of the best, most brilliant activists against the neocons that we have, and he’s worked so hard every day for a decade (while the people yawned and watched TV).

    Be grateful for Jon Stewart.

  2. I just can’t get behind Jon Stewart treating O’Reilly like he’s some kind of cool guy. Isn’t it time in America to stop treating bullies like it’s ok to be a bully, like the bullies are the cool ones?
    I’m not saying that Stewart should have sandbagged O’Reilly, and I know he makes his points through humor, but I thought Stewart acted like he had some kind of crush on O’Reilly. O’Reilly is a bully. I think we need to stop acting like it’s ok to be a bully. It’s good that O’Reilly admits that he’s a bully, but that’s only the first step on the road to reform. If I were Jon Stewart, I’d like to see the guy take a few more steps on that road before I ‘palled around’ with him.

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