Ralph Nader: The November 5th Movement

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November 12, 2008

2008 Presidential nominee Ralph Nader calls it as he sees it on MSNBC.

Join the continued fight for accountability in our nation’s government.

Join the November 5th movement at:

Ralph Nader: The November 5th Movement

11 thoughts on “Ralph Nader: The November 5th Movement

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  2. It’s Feb 14 2010. I’ve just noticed a couple of remaining notes about the Nov 5 Movement on my computer. Just out of curiousity I did a web search on it to see it’s current state.

    Nada! Zilch! Not one living entry on the entire internet. Here we are two years later in an America where the Tea Party is flourishing and just look at where The Left is.

    The Weimar Republic redux!

    • Timetravel online, I’m still waiting for a wikipage on the last great demonstration in NYC against the craziest weapons of all (like 1981? I’m getting alzheimers about warmongers at almost ’45).

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  4. Shaine B. Parker- That’s a woefully uninformed comment. You should do some basic research, for your own benefit & in order to comment accurately.

    Nader’s signature style is getting young people to work for their communities on their own. “Passing the torch” is what he does best.

    Anyone who had an ego wouldn’t do what Nader does. Look into it.

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  6. Very good comments by Nader. What I’d like to see him do is put his considerable fundraising power to work raising stipends that can be paid to support the community groups he’s talking about. We must recognize that, as important as volunteering is, it isn’t enough. We do need full time, paid, organizers, researches, writers, etc..

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  8. Nader makes good points; however, his ego is definitely a stumbling point. He can’t even see where a younger generation needs to take over carrying the torch.

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