Barack Obama on 60 Minutes 11.16.08

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November 16, 2008 CBS 60 Minutes

CBS on Nov 17, 2008

Steve Kroft speaks with President-elect Barack Obama and his wife, Michelle, about his historic election victory, his personal transition, and his family; And, Andy Rooney salutes the art of print journalism.


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4 thoughts on “Barack Obama on 60 Minutes 11.16.08

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  4. Eric Holder for Atty. Gen? This is a guy who is defending right wing terrorism (Chiquita). Rahm Emanuel for Chief of Staff? This is a guy who was waving pom poms as Israel bombed Southern Lebanon. Clinton for Secretary of State? I heard a speech she gave on Israel and Iran a year or less ago. It was almost as frightening as listening to Bush. Orszag for budget director? Excuse me, but we are suddenly supposed to tighten our belts now, after years of trillions of dollars of largesse for war and for wall street?

    The new administration is taking shape and it’s not looking good.

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