Dennis Kucinich: Pursue Peace

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Dennis Kucinich on CNN 11/17/2008

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6 thoughts on “Dennis Kucinich: Pursue Peace

  1. Dept. of Peace: great idea, domestic and international.
    Dennis should head it up, he should be in the Whitehouse on some level.

    I don’t get the sense, however, that offering cabinet posts to the undeniable enemies of any peace, domestic, foreign or otherwise, achieves anything toward that goal.
    I don’t even see how they are related.

    The GOP is a hateful clan of warmongers, unifying to ram through divisive attacks on peace, progress and the rule of law in congress and abroad. I don’t think you can reform a GOPper any more than you can a rascist. Not after what we’ve seen since reagan.

    But then let’s be straight: All the ‘great’ presidents of either party whom everyone always refers to, Washington, Kennedy, Lincoln, Reagan, FDR, all of them are first and foremost, warmongers, pursuing arguably gratuitous conflicts causing massive incomprehensible horrors.

    Constantly lauding these people as heroes creates a religion of nationalistic glory which people then nostalgically long to repeat.

    People are played by politicians, who play upon the people’s desire for valor, glory, and militarism to galvanize their odd quest for influence.

    Warm and fuzzy bipartisanship at this point is no attempt at peace. You want peace, people need to stop agreeing to go to war. It’s simple and plain, the wars of the USA have all been avoidable, from the Revolution forward, and prior. If peace was on the agenda, the people who fight the wars would realize this and refuse to fight any more.

    The power to pursue peace is in the hands of the people. If and when they desire peace, we’ll stop trying to define policy from the top or hanging on these politicians.

    There is no way to peace, peace is the way.

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  4. The news anchor has it exactly back-assward (excuse my language). Reaching out to Republicans when you share most of the same policies (as Obama has) isn’t “Pursuing Peace”, it’s making war—on the working class, on the environment, on oppressed peoples from Palestine to Pakistan and beyond.

    Remember what I said about “bipartisanship” earlier—this is nothing more than both parties collaborating for their own benefit (and the selling out of Americans). But thanks to the wonder of “spin”, we can actually paint this wholesale sell-out as a political and civic virtue.

    What a sad state our country is in.

  5. The problem with Obama’s wonderful open-ness, is that it doesn’t seem to extend to anybody on the left (though, admittedly, he seems to have given a nod to net neutrality and there may be no more important issue than that for progressives).

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