Prospect of Israeli strike in Iran more likely, intelligence sources told the Times

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21 November 2008

excerpts from ‘Bush and Olmert to meet over Iran’s nuclear ambitions

by Tom Baldwin, Times, 21 November 2008

President Bush is to hold White House talks with the Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert on Monday after publication of a nuclear watchdog’s report this week showing that Iran may have stockpiled enough enriched uranium to make a nuclear bomb.

The International Atomic Energy Agency believes that Iran has amassed 630kg of low enriched uranium, up from 480kg in late August.


Intelligence sources have told The Times that the prospect of Israel taking preemptive military action to knock out Iran’s nuclear facilities appears to have become significantly more likely in recent weeks. Such an operation would require at least tacit US cooperation because it would almost certainly involve Israeli warplanes flying through US-controlled airspace in Iraq.


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  2. They keep up this story but I don’t believe it. That said, we all the saber rattling that the US and proxy Israel have been doing, no wonder they would want their own leverage.
    THAT said..can you spell ‘Iranian Oil’??
    geopolitics, gotta love it!


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