“Bush’s Iran War Plan Delivered to Obama” + “Iran threatens global order”

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24 November 2008

1) Iranian Commander: Bush’s Iran War Plan Delivered to Obama

2) Iran would punish Israel partners in war

3) UK Foreign Minister Miliband: Iran threatens global order


excerpt from:

Iranian Commander: Bush’s Iran War Plan Delivered to Obama

Fars News Agency, 22 November 2008

Addressing a meeting to mark the start of the Week of Basij (mobilization of volunteer forces), lieutenant commander of the General Staff of Iran’s Armed Forces Major General Gholam-Ali Rasheed said that US President George Bush has established the infrastructures required in the region for posing a threat to Iran.

“The United States’ threats have now found a structural form. They have done the planning for reaching the necessary preparedness to wage a war (against Iran) through setting up military bases, holding (security) pacts, etc.,” he said.

The General viewed “northwestern and southeastern Iran as well as the southwestern province of Khuzestan as vulnerable points” the US forces are likely to use if they want to invade Iran, and underlined that the aforementioned areas should become invulnerable within the next one year.

He further urged military officials to leave war rhetoric and expression of foreign policy views to politicians and “accelerate measures to boost Iran’s deterrent power”.

Considering that the country is now under threat, he said, we should consider measures to prevent entering the stage of actual war.

US forces attacked a Syrian village near the borders with Iraq on October 26, and the raid on Sukkariyah, which took place almost simultaneously with an air raid on a Pakistani village, has raised speculation about the likelihood of similar unilateral strikes by the US troops on other regional states, including the Islamic Republic.

Speculation that Israel could also bomb Iran mounted after a big Israeli air drill in June. In the first week of June, 100 Israeli F-16 and F-15 fighters reportedly took part in an exercise over the eastern Mediterranean and Greece, which was interpreted as a dress rehearsal for a possible attack on Iran’s nuclear installations.

Israel and its close ally the United States accuse Iran of seeking a nuclear weapon, while they have never presented any corroborative document to substantiate their allegations. Both Washington and Tel Aviv possess advanced weapons of mass destruction, including nuclear warheads.



Iran would punish Israel partners in war

Press TV, 22 November 2008

A top Iranian commander says Iran will retaliate against any country that would aid and abet a potential strike against Iranian interests.

Brigadier General Seyyed Mohammad Hejazi, the Chairman of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) Joint Chiefs of Staff, said Saturday that Iran has drawn up plans to take retaliatory measures against potential aggressors and their accomplices.

This comes as Israeli echelons have stepped up their efforts to portray Iran as an international threat, claiming that the country seeks nuclear weaponry.

Tehran, a signatory to the nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) denies the Israeli claim, insisting that its enrichment program is solely directed at the civilian applications of the technology.

While maintaining that a nuclear Iran would pose an existential threat to Tel Aviv, Israeli officials argue that the use of military force is a legitimate option in halting Iran’s nuclear progress.

Since the historic victory of Barack Obama in the US presidential election, Tehran has seen an explicit increase in Israeli threats against its nuclear program.

Commander of Israeli Air Force (IAF) General, Ido Nehushtan, has said in a recent interview that his forces are ‘ready’ to attack Iran’s nuclear sites whenever Tel Aviv gives a green light.

A senior politician and former top Israeli military official, Lieutenant General Moshe Ya’alon, declared last week that an attack on Iran would be in line with efforts to overthrow the Tehran government.

Iran, in response, has warned that should any of its national interests come under attack by either the US or Israel, its armed forces would target Israel and American bases in the region.

In a show of power, the Iranian military has recently test-fired its medium- and long-range missiles — such as the advanced Shahab-3 and the newly-tested Sejjil missile.

On Saturday, Brig. Gen. Hejazi said in spite of a ballistic response, Iran, in times of war, would become ‘an even bigger quagmire’ than Iraq and Afghanistan for the US.

For Washington to assist Tel Aviv in a war against Tehran, its forces would have to use territories of the two US-occupied countries or Bahrain — where the US 5th Fleet is stationed.

“We have ensured that if any harm is inflicted on Iran, anyone who assists the aggressor will suffer hurtful retribution,” warned Jazayeri.

The Iranian general also claimed that the IRGC naval forces are capable of destroying US warships in the Persian Gulf and Strait of Hormuz — if the White House envisions a new military conflict in the oil-rich region.


UK Foreign Minister Miliband: Iran threatens global order


excerpt from:

Foundations of Freedom: the Promise of the New Multilateralism

by UK Foreign Minister David Miliband, 21 November 2008

Foreign Secretary David Miliband delivered a speech on the importance of the spread of democratic values throughout the world entitled ‘Foundations of Freedom: the Promise of the New Multilateralism’.

In the next year, the most pressing threat to global order, one in which EU action is vital, comes from the actions of Iran. Its refusal to address the international community’s concerns about its pursuit of nuclear enrichment threatens to spark a nuclear arms race throughout the Middle East. Others, such as Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Turkey might feel forced to recalculate whether nuclear weapons were essential to protect their interests.


Prospect of Israeli strike in Iran more likely, intelligence sources told the Times

Iranian General: Don’t be a launch pad for war


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  2. I wrote an article on November 21st that talks of the influence on Obama of the Liberal Jewish Americans. Of course there will be a war with Iran in the very near future.

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  4. The foreign policy moves of the US and Israel as concerns Iran and the rest of the Middle East can only be described as dumbfuckedness.

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