Miliband’s speech in Abu Dhabi + Iraq’s neighbors rejects using Iraqi lands as base for attack

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24 November 2008

1) Partnership in the Middle East, with the Middle East

2) Britain and France step up pressure on Iran

3) Iraq’s neighbors rejects using Iraqi lands as base for attack


excerpt from ‘Partnership in the Middle East, with the Middle East

by UK Foreign Secretary, David Miliband, 24 November 2008

Foreign Secretary, David Miliband, delivered a speech in Abu Dhabi at the Emirates Centre for Strategic Studies and Research.

I remain convinced that the prospect of a nuclear-armed Iran poses the most immediate threat to the stability of this region.

When I talk to Arab leaders, journalists or academics, they invariably raise their concerns about Iranian influence and activities. Iraqis complain about Iranian support for the Special Groups who have been responsible for much violence against other Iraqis as well as against multi-national forces. Afghans voice concerns about the assistance Tehran provides to the Taleban. Then there is its political, financial and military support for Hezbollah, as well as Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad who are determined to frustrate efforts to achieve a comprehensive peace between Israel and Palestine.  And the wholly unacceptable comments from Iran’s President about Israel.

A nuclear armed Iran would be a decisive blow against those seeking to promote pragmatic and peaceful solutions to the regions problems.  The consequent nuclear arms race would be very dangerous.   The acquisition of a nuclear weapon would strengthen Tehran’s regional position, injecting its attempts to stoke up division and promote instability with much greater confidence.

The pressure we are applying to Iran, the sanctions we have supported in both the EU and the UN, are not an attempt at regime change. And nor are they a precursor to military action.   We are 100% committed to a diplomatic resolution of this dispute.


excerpt from ‘Britain and France step up pressure on Iran

by James Blitz and Daniel Dombey, Financial Times, 24 November 2008

Britain and France are seeking to persuade financial and energy companies to stop doing business with Iran in what officials say is an attempt to increase pressure on Tehran’s nuclear programme.

The move by London and Paris focuses on companies involved in three key sectors in the Iranian economy – banking and insurance, oil refining and liquefied natural gas – and is at the heart of a new international strategy to increase leverage on Tehran through informal means.

As the dispute deepens, with a United Nations report last week indicating that Tehran is building up a stockpile of enriched uranium, London and Paris are looking to use “moral suasion” to persuade companies not to sell much-needed equipment and services to the Islamic republic.


Iraq’s neighbors rejects using Iraqi lands as base for attack

SANA, 23 November 2008

Editorial note: Representatives from Syria, Jordan, Kuwait, Egypt, Bahrain, Turkey, Iran and Iraq took part in third meeting of the Security Cooperation and Coordination Committee for Iraq’s neighboring countries.

The third meeting of the Cooperation & Coordination Security Committee for Iraq Neighboring countries on Sunday reiterated rejection of using Iraq’s lands, waters or airspace as a passage or base to launch attacks against the neighboring countries.

In a final statement concluding meetings in Damascus today, the participants underlined their rejection of using Iraqi lands or any of the neighboring countries as a base to launch any terrorist acts that pose a threat to stability of Iraq and any of the neighboring countries’.

The participants appreciated Syria’s efforts and cooperation in controlling borders with Iraq that led to improving security and stability, stressing that condoling borders is a common responsibility between Iraq and the neighboring countries.

That statement announced that the Iraqi delegation expressed rejection of the US aggression on the Syrian lands in al-BouKamal area last month, showing keenness to overcome repercussions of this act.

It added that the participants underlined respect for Iraq’s territorial integrity and unity as well as preserving its Arab and Islamic identity, condemning all terrorist acts and aggressions targeting security of Iraq and the neighboring countries.

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  4. Why isn’t the world condemning Israel’s nuclear arsenal? Iran allows inspections hand has signed the nuclear treat. Israel has not. The major source of instability in the region in the US and Israel’s refusal to honestly addressed the issue of the Palestanains.

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