Grim news from Mumbai hits home + Terrorists monitored British websites using BlackBerry phones + Taj Mahal erupts in flames

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By Jacob Berkman · November 28, 2008

Until confirmation finally came Friday that the Chabad emissaries in Mumbai were among the more than 140 victims killed in this week’s terrorist attacks in India, Chabad Chasidim and emissaries the world over prayed for the best while fearing for the worst.

But by Friday morning, the hostage standoff at Mumbai’s Chabad House was over. Early Friday, witnesses saw a series of explosions at the Chabad House as Indian special forces stormed the site and battled with the gunmen who had taken over the community center, one of 10 sites attacked Wednesday by terrorist gunmen in Mumbai.


via Grim news from Mumbai hits home | JTA – Jewish & Israel News


Mumbai attacks inflame India-Pakistan tensions

By Saeed Shah
McClatchy Newspapers

ISLAMABAD, Pakistan — India on Friday charged that militants with links to Pakistan were involved in the terrorist attack on major tourist sites in Mumbai, in which more than 160 civilians died. Pakistan denied the allegations but agreed to send an intelligence official to discuss them.

The rapidly rising tensions could scuttle a tentative peace process between the two nuclear-armed countries and even lead to a military confrontation, and some experts said they thought this might’ve been the aim of the terror operation.


via McClatchy Washington Bureau | 11/28/2008 | Mumbai attacks inflame India-Pakistan tensions


Indian media react angrily to Israeli criticism of Chabad rescue operation

By Anshel Pfeffer, Haaretz Correspondent

Indian media have reacted angrily to Israeli criticism of the Indian commando operation against the terrorists who took control of Chabad house in Mumbai.

Six of the hostages inside the center were killed, including Rabbi Gavriel Holtzberg and his wife Rivka.

Israeli and international media quoted Israeli security officials as claiming the operation was risky and premature. Indian media published the criticisms at length, and although there has yet to be an official reaction from the Indian government, local journalists and television commentators have reacted strongly.


via Indian media react angrily to Israeli criticism of Chabad rescue operation- Haaretz – Israel News


Mumbai attacks: Terrorists monitored British websites using BlackBerry phones

Indian officials suspect the Islamic terrorists in Mumbai may have British links after examining BlackBerry phones they used to monitor news reports.

By Damien McElroy in Mumbai
Last Updated: 11:17PM GMT 28 Nov 2008

Key figures in the terrorist gang were equipped with the devices that meant they were able to monitor British news, even when the authorities turned off power.

A senior officer in the country’s elite Black Cat commando unit told the Telegraph, the gunmen were able to trawl the internet for information once they lost cable television feeds to the two luxury hotels and office block.

The men looked beyond the instant updates of the Indian media to find worldwide reaction to the events in Mumbai.

Their analysis of at least five BlackBerry mobile phones recovered suggested the terrorists had links to England.

via Mumbai attacks: Terrorists monitored coverage on UK websites using BlackBerry phones, bombay india – Telegraph plus short video


Empathy, Grief in Pakistan at Mumbai Mayhem

Analysis by Beena Sarwar

The terrorist attacks unleashed in the Indian port city and financial hub of Mumbai continue to reverberate through Pakistan at a personal level and on the media.

The crisis, that began Wednesday night and lasted through Friday, dominates conversation, newspaper headlines, television coverage and Internet chatter on indigenous websites and e-mail lists run by Pakistanis at home and abroad.

As a frontline state in United States’ global ‘war on terror’ Pakistan is only too well acquainted with the effects of terrorism, with such attacks in the country having more than doubled and the number of deaths quadrupling from 2006 to 2007, according to a report released in May by the U.S. State Department.

However, even the most high profile attack in Pakistan which destroyed the Marriott Hotel in the capital Islamabad on Sep. 20, that some analysts termed Pakistan’s ‘9/11’, pales in comparison to the events in Mumbai that have claimed over 155 lives already, that many are now calling India’s ‘9/11’.

via INDIA: Empathy, Grief in Pakistan at Mumbai Mayhem


Mumbai Taj Mahal erupts in flames

Press TV
Sat, 29 Nov 2008 02:33:22 GMT

A major blaze has broken out in the 105-year-old Taj Mahal hotel as Indian commandos try to flush out militants from their last stand.

An AFP correspondent reported that heavy gunfire was heard from inside Mumbai’s Taj Mahal hotel at dawn Saturday as the operation to take full control of the hotel stretched into the third day.

Thick black smoke billowed from a corner of the first floor of the hotel, as a huge conflagration broke out, the report said.

via Press TV – Mumbai Taj Mahal erupts in flames

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